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Forbrain® is an innovative study device helping
college and university students confidently achieve
higher test scores for a successful future.

Boost brainpower with your voice

Studying at college or university is an exciting experience, but no one ever said it’s easy. With so much complex information to absorb, not to mention interview preparation and performance pressure, your mind has a lot to manage! Fortunately, our ability to continually change and adapt neural connections, known as brain plasticity, means it’s always possible to boost your brain.

Our innovative learning device for students, Forbrain, uses the power of your voice to grow your learning capacity. By leveraging the natural auditory feedback loop, the device provides a booster for study performance, test scores, and extra-curriculars. You can confidently achieve your academic goals and the best part is, you don’t need extra study to achieve results. 

What are the benefits?

Sharper attention

Forbrain stimulates the brain into a state of alertness, helping you concentrate on study and ignore distractions. Sustained attention allows clearer thinking and greater productivity.

Stronger memory

Like a workout for your brain, Forbrain strengthens the memory over time. By practicing with Forbrain, you can better digest and recall complex information when preparing for tests or exams.

Clearer speech

Forbrain increases speech awareness leading to vocal clarity improvements. You’ll become more confident and convincing in how you communicate, particularly when public speaking.

How to practice with Forbrain®

Forbrain is the best device for college and university students to fast-track academic learning. Just wear the device while doing regular revision activities and give your brain an extra boost.

The tool’s versatility means it’s suitable for different study activities, no matter whether you need to prepare for admissions tests like SAT, GRE, or GMAT, or an important presentation or examination — all you need is your voice.

Here are a few suggested exercises that can be adapted to suit learning preferences.


Wear Forbrain while you learn new concepts, or prepare for tests and examinations. Revise course material aloud and speak like you are addressing your classroom or lecture hall.


Work on your delivery, enunciation, and confidence ahead of a job interview or presentation. You can also build foreign language fluency by reading a passage and repeating it out loud without looking.


Grow your abilities in extra-curricular activities like singing, drama, and debate. While practicing, wear Forbrain to read or sing a text out loud.

We recommend daily practice with Forbrain to see optimal results. For tasks requiring intensive concentration or short deadlines, use for 30 minutes up to three times a day (if you feel comfortable).

See Forbrain up close

Patented Dynamic FilterProcesses and produces a corrected voice

Bone Conduction TransducersEnhances sound transmission via the temporal bones

User MicrophoneCapture the sound waves of your voice

Headphone JackUsed to listen to audio recordings of training or online classes

Additional MicrophoneFor training support by the parent, teacher, or therapist

Patented Dynamic FilterProcesses and produces a corrected voice

Bone Conduction TransducersEnhances sound transmission via the temporal bones

User MicrophoneCapture the sound waves of your voice

Learn what other students think

These university students share how Forbrain is elevating their academic performance.  

I really feel that with Forbrain, I learn better and faster, and my voice has a positive impact on my brain. For example, during exams, it’s like I could hear myself speaking better so all the information came back really easily!

Auxanne Medical Student

I immediately feel my brain turn on, almost like a light switch that has been flipped. I do feel a huge difference in concentration and endurance while studying and trying to retain specific material. I enjoy using Forbrain and have benefited from improved test scores and overall averages!

Anne Nursing Student

Forbrain helps you listen to yourself better when you are on stage. Sometimes when you sing and other people are singing the part differently over you, you can get a bit confused. But with Forbrain it blocks other sounds off and you can listen to yourself a lot better.

Eden Dance Student

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Forbrain operates wirelessly and autonomously. However, you can choose to connect the headphone jack to a phone or computer and follow on with an online class or other audio content.

No, but they are designed to fit all head sizes. To comfortably use Forbrain, place the headphones on the bone in front of the ears and properly position the microphone before the mouth. Don’t worry if the hoop doesn’t fit against the head as it won’t affect the device’s comfort or effectiveness.

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