Volume ordering information for schools, companies and institutions

We provide dedicated, individualized service to our customers who order in volume. We understand that these customers often have distinct needs and processes, and we work diligently to provide exceptional levels of customer satisfaction.

Starting Off

Many schools, companies, institutions, and other organizations, after becoming interested in Forbrain and/or Soundsory, benefit from discussing the full range of products, how they can be used to benefit individual, student and family patients, and the pricing options we offer, with one of our regional representatives.

For customers in the US, please contact Ms. Dominique Brewer directly by email at dominique@forbrain.com or dominique@soundsory.com, or by phone or text at 214-714-1352.

For customers in other parts of the world, please contact Mr. Abhi Maitra directly by email at info@soundforlife.com.

Getting a Quote

Dominique and Abhi can lead your organization through the steps required for us to deliver a quote that best meets your organization’s needs.

We are happy to offer tiered pricing for volume purchases, reflective of the quantity ordered. Please discuss your options for price and terms with Dominique and Abhi.


We accept various methods of payment, including credit cards, PayPal and wire transfers.

We are delighted to accept purchase orders. For organizations located within the US, we will provide a W9 form via one of our authorized distributors.


  • US or Canada: Orders are dispatched from our warehouse in Traverse City, MI.
  • Europe: Orders are dispatched from our warehouse in Luxembourg.
  • Other International Locations: Orders are dispatched from our warehouse in Hong Kong.


We work with a diverse range of schools and institutions around the world, a few of which are noted below.