Boost your
child’s learning capabilities

Forbrain is helping students from Pre-K
to high school reach their fullest potential
using the power of voice.

Better learning with Forbrain

School-age children are constantly learning new things, be it words, formulas, or concepts, across a breadth of subjects. But did you know the voice plays a pivotal role in their learning ability? Good command of the voice can strengthen foundational life skills such as communication, reading, memory, and sociability. And thanks to brain plasticity, children can always learn new skills or build upon existing ones.

Our patented learning device, Forbrain, gives children from Pre-K to high school a helping hand so they learn faster and more effectively. The device is an excellent complement to regular learning activities both in the classroom and for homework. The difference is, they can now harness the power of voice to boost their brain.

What are the benefits?

Clearer speech

Grow their self-confidence and communication ability. Forbrain provides real-time vocal feedback that encourages clearer speech.

Stronger attention

Forbrain helps children concentrate and stay on task. Improvements in focus increase productivity and strengthen memory.

Stronger reading

The device boosts reading comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency — a vital skill set for understanding texts and their meanings.

How to train with Forbrain®

Forbrain can easily fast-track your child’s learning through regular practice. All they need to do is wear Forbrain, then use their voice during normal learning activities. Here are a few suggested ‘training activities’ which can be adapted to suit personal preferences.


Read and repeat aloud textbooks, new spellings, and poems for improved comprehension, pronunciation, and speaking confidence.


Do homework faster wearing Forbrain. Read out loud to grasp new concepts, spellings, foreign languages, and deepen the understanding of literature, maths, and history lessons.


Practice speaking with parents and siblings at home while using Forbrain for greater confidence when communicating in class.


Revising with Forbrain aids memorization of times tables, spellings, formulas, and other hard to retain information needed for tests.


Rehearse songs and theatre to improve awareness of pronunciation, pitch, and timbre.

We recommend children aged three years and over practice with the Forbrain daily for up to 20 minutes. Consistent use will put them on the road to achieving results.

See Forbrain up close

Dynamic FilterProcesses and produces a corrected voice

Bone Conduction TransducersEnhances sound transmission via the temporal bones

User MicrophoneCapture the sound waves of your voice

Headphone JackUsed to listen to audio recordings of training or online classes

Additional MicrophoneFor training support by the parent, teacher, or therapist

Dynamic FilterProcesses and produces a corrected voice

Bone Conduction TransducersEnhances sound transmission via the temporal bones

User MicrophoneCapture the sound waves of your voice

Find out what our community thinks

These customers share how Forbrain is changing the lives of young students.

We tried it for 2 weeks and in that time Kendall was learning more letter names, and sounds, and even remembering colors, shapes, and numbers. He was able and wanted to do six pages of homework during the time it would usually take to do one to two pages.

Megan Parent

With Forbrain, students can hear how clear their voice can sound by increasing the speed of air while they speak or sing. Once they accomplish this, we take note of the changes and then turn them into habits for permanent change.

Stephanie Singing & Language Coach

Katie, my 13-year-old, doesn’t have any specific difficulties but has seen some definite benefits from using Forbrain. She said it has greatly improved her ability to memorize, cutting down on the time she needs to spend and also helping her retain the information.

April Parent

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Forbrain operates wirelessly and autonomously. However, you can choose to connect the headphone jack to a phone or computer and train along with audio content.

Yes, when a sound is issued using Forbrain it is perceived differently and the voice is adjusted according to the perception. This means regular training with Forbrain can benefit children from a wide range of abilities to target improvements in speech, memory, and attention.

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