Effective and evidence-based tool for Speech Disorders

Forbrain® can enhance speech intelligibility, annunciation, pronunciation and articulation by amplifying your voice and improving phonemic awareness.

Speech Therapists experience better outcomes using Forbrain

“When we hear ourselves louder while wearing Forbrain, it makes it easier for the brain to process the speech signal because it’s more salient, which makes it easier to retain the things that have been said and heard. Once a child is more aware of their own speech, it’s easier to help them to correct it.” Grace Lindley (Speech & Language Pathologist)

Forbrain can improve pronunciation and articulation so users can enjoy expressing themselves

Speech involves a complex chain of articulated sounds, arranged in a specific rhythmic pattern. Intelligible speech requires an ability to consciously generate these sounds, constantly adjusting between what we say and how we hear it, to ensure we’re speaking clearly. This process is known as phonological awareness.

Individuals with speech sound disorders often have low phonological awareness, which causes both receptive and expressive language delays, so they struggle with understanding the words they are hearing, as well as having difficulty speaking. This can manifest as switching one sound for another, adding in extra sounds or leaving sounds out. For the person with the disorder, this can feel isolating and frustrating, if they cannot express themselves freely.

Forbrain is a tool that uses our patented dynamic filter and bone conduction to access the natural auditory feedback loop by stimulating the auditory nerve directly, so you can hear your own voice louder. This enhances your phonological awareness, making it easier for your brain to process speech, retain what has been said and heard, and respond with clarity.

With the help of Forbrain, you can communicate more clearly and perform better in school or in a professional environment, all the while instilling greater self-confidence.

Forbrain improves speech intelligibility by helping you hear yourself clearly

Forbrain combats with the three main challenges of speech difficulties
Phonological Awareness

The ability to decode the sounds in spoken language, manipulate them and use them in the right order and with the right cadence.


Using the correct sounds to say the desired words when communicating in spoken language.


Communicating these sounds with clarity and sharpness for maximum intelligibility

This can make it hard to keep up, impacting self-esteem. However, speech difficulties have no impact on intelligence and brightness. 

Forbrain can restore confidence and help reach full potential in expressing yourself and being understood. If you or your child’s speech sound disorder is due to limited sensory input (as opposed to vocal fatigue or stroke-related issues), the headset has the potential to enable better communication, so your personality can shine.

How to use Forbrain for Speech Difficulties

Implementing forbrain into your daily routine couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is fit the device ahead of any task involving speech to make the most of our powerful technology that immediately enhances self-awareness, improving your speech and motivating you to practice. In fact, many users think the headset is a super coo!

  1. FIT

    Fit the device before engaging in a reading or speaking task


    Experience heightened auditory processing with the headset

  3. USE

    Use consistently for 10 to 20 minutes a day

  4. ENJOY

    Speak with more clarity and be better understood

Advance your progress with zero extra time commitment

Individuals with Speech Difficulties can already feel like they’re behind their peers, and have to put in extra work to reach the same level. The joy of the Forbrain headset is that you don’t need to dedicate extra time for training to see improved learning!

You can integrate the headset into your daily routine by wearing it during regular activities like completing homework, reading aloud or even having a conversation. Forbrain is a convenient solution that achieves tangible results effortlessly, so your family can enjoy better communication – and more free time.


Different applications of Forbrain

To bridge therapy sessions

Wear your headset during sessions with your speech therapist to make the most of your time together. Then, use the device for 10- 20 minutes a day at home, to keep your progress up between sessions.

To Play with your children (3-7 y/o)

Helping young children learn to speak more intelligibly has never been easier than with Forbrain. Simply fit the headset when engaging in communicative games and activities, like role-play dialogue, board games, or simply chatting about their day.

To learn with your children (7-12 y/o)

Support your children’s learning with the secondary microphone feature on the Forbrain headset. Parents or tutors can connect to the device to help improve attention and demonstrate how words sound when pronounced correctly.

To improve homework performance (12+)

By using the Forbrain headset whilst completing homework, reading and repeating information aloud, students can better integrate and recall the information, whilst also improving focus pronunciation and annunciation, and boosting confidence.

For professional use or leisure (Adults)

The headset can improve public speaking, memorization, and communication skills in adults, too. Whether it’s a college presentation or a pitch to investors, Forbrain can help you communicate clearly and effectively!

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Forbrain is trusted by over 7,000 professionals to enhance Speech Therapy outcomes

Plus, it’s a great tool to keep the momentum going at home between sessions

Forbrain is a safe, non-invasive device backed by years of scientific research, and designed to support therapeutic efforts. Thousands of professionals have reported improved treatment outcomes by using Forbrain during Speech Therapy. By helping children and adults hear their voice better during exercises, Forbrain makes it easier to correct mistakes, so they can reach their full potential. Best of all, it can also be used at home to bridge therapy sessions.

Revolutionary technology, effortlessly integrated into your daily routine

Forbrain is built on rigorous scientific research and designed to fit seamlessly into your life, during the activities you already perform. By simply wearing the headset for 20 minutes a day – this could be while chatting to a friend, reading aloud, or even singing – you can experience improvements in pronunciation, annunciation, and increased vocalization.

  1. Forbrain is a wireless auditory feedback device that uses bone conduction to amplify your own voice

  2. The microphone and dynamic speech filter stimulate your auditory nerve directly.

  3. You hear yourself in real-time, as usual, but slightly more clearly 

  4. This makes the things you say easier for your brain to process and remember.

The device also features an additional microphone, for training support from parents, therapists or teachers, and a headphone jack to listen to audio recordings or an online therapy session.

See Forbrain up close

Patented Dynamic FilterProcesses and produces a corrected voice

Bone Conduction TransducersEnhances sound transmission via the temporal bones

User MicrophoneCapture the sound waves of your voice

Headphone jackUsed to listen to audio recordings of training or online classes

Additional microphoneFor training support by the parent, teacher, or therapist

Patented Dynamic FilterProcesses and produces a corrected voice

Bone Conduction TransducersEnhances sound transmission via the temporal bones

User MicrophoneCapture the sound waves of your voice

Headphone jackUsed to listen to audio recordings of training or online classes

Additional microphoneFor training support by the parent, teacher, or therapist

Forbrain is helping individuals with speech difficulties to express themselves and be understood

Jessica, mother of Josephine, a girl with speech sound disorders

Wearing the Forbrain really helped Josephine focus her attention. It made her more aware of her own speech as she was talking so she could hear mistakes as they were happening and work to correct them. She started to notice errors in her daily speech and she was able to improve her pronunciation even when she wasn’t wearing it. The impact that this had on her intelligibility was incredible and we were really surprised by how quickly we saw results.

Amanda Reed, M.S., CCC-SLP

As a speech language pathologist, I have used Forbrain as part of therapy for my kids, in a school setting, who have severe articulation skills. Forbrain has been amazing! Seeing their eyes light up the first time they truly hear their voice is amazing! My kids ask for the device before our session even begins! While I have only used Forbrain for less than 2 weeks, I can already see the improvement in my students’ speech skills. They are using clearer speech, and they are articulating their sounds correctly. I wish I had known about Forbrain sooner.

Renee, mother of Bug, a girl struggling with speech and learning difficulties

I found many different ways to use Forbrain. One way was to have her use it while doing her phonemes. She noticed that she didn’t pronounce some of the sounds clearly herself. She read out loud to me with Forbrain on. I noticed that it made her slow down and take time sounding out the words. I have been doing this 3 times a week with her. The other 2 days I have her read out loud to me without Forbrain on. She is being more cautious with her words without it on.

Rose, mother of a girl with speech issues

I noticed even when she was speaking without the headset on she was always aware of how she pronounced words. I got excited y’all! This is epic! It’s been years without any change and now with this headset we finally have progress. Then by week four I was noticing a big difference in my other two. Jasmine, my middle daughter was starting to show small signs of improvement.

Mother of Boo, a girl with speech difficulties

I’ve been so happy to see that during the time when she has on the headset, she almost always actually speaks at a normal volume! It’s awesome. And while she still continues to be too loud just as often as before when she’s not wearing it, she seems to have gotten better about not speaking too softly! In fact, there’s only been one time I can think of in the past month where I had to keep asking her to speak up because I couldn’t hear her. You guys, that’s such a beautiful thing to see as a mother. Anything that helps my baby not burst into tears is wonderful!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Forbrain can be used between regular sessions to reinforce the work done with your child’s therapist or specialist. Considering therapy is usually a long-term approach, Forbrain optimizes and complements these efforts.

Forbrain is simple to use – ask the child to speak, sing, read out aloud or have a conversation. However, we do not provide specific recommendations because varying ability levels and ages mean exercises should be tailored to suit individual needs. Some therapists have kindly shared the exercises they use in therapy, found here.

Forbrain is a painless, non-invasive sensory stimulation device. Like any stimulation, Forbrain can excite and tire the person during sessions. Therefore, Forbrain is not suitable for: 

  • Children under 3 years of age
  • People with hearing loss in both ears of 80%
  • People carrying a cochlear implant
  • People with epilepsy (except upon specialist advice)

No, but they are designed to fit all head sizes. To comfortably use Forbrain, place the headphones on the bone in front of the ears and properly position the microphone before the mouth. Don’t worry if the hoop doesn’t fit against the head as it won’t affect the device’s comfort or effectiveness.

Forbrain is an effective tool for several speech difficulties, including apraxia, aphasia, stuttering, dysphonia, non-verbal, and selective mutism. It is important to note that our technology works by enhancing sensory input to allow clearer communication. Therefore, Forbrain would not be the right fit for speech difficulties caused by vocal fatigue or stroke-related issues.

No, Forbrain operates wirelessly and autonomously. However, you can choose to use the headphone jack to connect to a phone or computer and follow on with audio content.

Yes, Forbrain is recommended by 7,000+ professionals and Speech and Language therapists worldwide. Forbrain is backed by years of research and is designed to support therapeutic programs. When used as a complement, it can boost specialist and client efforts, and time to results. Forbrain is also suited for at-home use because it acts as a bridge in-between sessions.

Yes, Forbrain is a clinically evaluated device for specialists, therapists, and educators who work with people trying to overcome difficulties in learning, auditory processing, communication, attention, or memorization.

To gauge the effectiveness of Forbrain, consider both immediate and long-term outcomes. Initially, you should notice improvements in voice clarity and strength when using the device, as it provides immediate feedback. However, like any learning process or therapy, long-term results require time and repetition. Think of Forbrain as a workout for the audio-vocal process that yields robust benefits with consistent use.

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