Flourish in your professional career

Boost your vocal capabilities to get an extra edge over your peers. Forbrain® helps professionals level up with increased confidence and impact.

Hone your skills for improved performance

Want to grow and create an impact at work? Whatever your goals are, it’s important to make yourself heard which starts with honing the voice. Confident speech can help expand your presence, and deliver messages with clarity and resonance.

Forbrain helps professionals use their voice more powerfully, no matter whether you work in the corporate environment, performing arts, are learning a foreign language, or are interviewing for a new role.

Thanks to years of auditory stimulation research, our patented technology works as a brain booster that capitalizes on the natural process of the auditory feedback loop. Experience sharper attention and improved memory, plus greater vocal confidence that makes people stop and take notice.

What are the benefits?

Clearer speech

Forbrain retrains your voice so you speak with greater clarity and confidence. It’s the perfect booster for managers, speakers, teachers, lawyers, leaders, actors, and singers.

Effective Communication

Bring a calmer, confident version of you to presentations and meetings. It’s the perfect aid for professionals wanting to make their message resonate.

Sharper attention

Wear Forbrain while at work to stay focussed and ignore distractions. You’ll gain clearer thinking and stronger memory for better productivity.

How to train with Forbrain®

Forbrain is a versatile, easy-to-use device that helps you tap into the power of your voice for greater confidence and influence. Just add Forbrain into your daily routine and speed up the time to results.

Here are a few suggested training activities for different applications which you can adapt to suit your learning preferences.

Corporate professionals

Wear Forbrain during normal speaking activities to energize the voice. You’ll sound more convincing and capture people’s attention. Use Forbrain before an important presentation or speech to work on your flow, enunciation, and confidence. Try reading a text aloud to condition your speaking voice and improve memorization.

Performing arts

Before auditions or rehearsals, use Forbrain to practice sight reading, and work on pronunciation, diction, and timbre. For singers, sing the lyrics and notes, and concentrate on your voice during harmonics.

Language studies

Review your foreign language coursework out loud. Then, challenge yourself in reading a passage aloud and repeat it without looking to build fluency.

We recommend consistent daily practice while wearing Forbrain for 30 minutes a session.

See Forbrain® up close

Dynamic FilterProcesses and produces a corrected voice

Bone conduction transducersEnhances sound transmission via the temporal bones

User MicrophoneCapture the sound waves of your voice

Headphone jackUsed to listen to audio recordings of training or online classes

Additional microphoneFor training support by the parent, teacher, or therapist

Dynamic FilterProcesses and produces a corrected voice

Bone conduction transducersEnhances sound transmission via the temporal bones

User MicrophoneCapture the sound waves of your voice

Find out what other professionals say

These professionals share their experience of how Forbrain increases work performance.

I work in a learning and development team for a corporation. Every week I have to conduct training for which I have to speak extensively. I was introduced to Forbrain by my wife who is a teacher. I have seen an improved clarity and energy in my voice, and I feel more confident when I speak. Forbrain is lightweight and simple to use but substantial in its benefits.

Gareth Corporate Professional

If I am forced to do correspondence or report writing, I have difficulty staying focused and alert. I wore the Forbrain every day during low energy periods, and it was clear that I was alert and more effective. I began more deliberately forming my words and my speech was becoming clearer. This thing really works.

Jay Educational Evaluator

It was an incredible surprise to hear how perfectly pitched my voice was. I wasn’t questioning myself anymore, no doubts, no more fumbling around. But I was also able to hear the vocal imperfections that I had not detected before having the headset. Since that day, I hardly use my voice without my Forbrain!

Françoise Professional Cellist & Lyrical Singer

Frequently Asked Questions

No, but they are designed to fit all head sizes. To comfortably use Forbrain, place the headphones on the bone in front of the ears and properly position the microphone before the mouth. Don’t worry if the hoop doesn’t fit against the head as it won’t affect the device’s comfort or effectiveness.

No, Forbrain operates wirelessly and autonomously. However, you can choose to connect the headphone jack to a phone or computer and train along with audio content.

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