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Discover Forbrain® today and embark on an unparalleled path towards mastering speech and language acquisition. Your voice or your child’s voice deserves to be heard, and Forbrain is here to help you make an unforgettable impact.

Brain training for a better life

Forbrain revolutionizes the way we approach speech and language learning. Thanks to its advanced technology and innovative design, Forbrain:

Provides instant improved auditory feedback and stimulates neural pathways.
Amplifies voice and improves phonemic awareness.
Fine-tunes pronunciation, sharpens articulation, and strengthens speech production.
Boosts memory and retention for effective vocabulary and grammar learning.
Helps focusing on intonation and prosody for natural and engaging communication.

Unlock your true potential in speech and language learning with Forbrain.

What are the benefits?

Enhance phonemics awareness

Forbrain’s specialized auditory feedback targets phonemic awareness, the foundation of speech learning. By hearing your own voice in real-time, you become more attuned to the subtle nuances of speech sounds. This heightened awareness allows you to identify and differentiate phonemes more effectively, resulting in improved articulation, pronunciation, and phonological skills.

Improve Speech Fluency

Forbrain’s unique bone conduction technology enhances your voice by delivering sound vibrations directly to your inner ear. This sensory stimulation provides instant auditory feedback, enabling you to hear yourself more clearly and accurately. With this heightened self-perception, you can fine-tune your pronunciation, identify speech patterns, and improve overall speech production

Develop intonation and prosody

With Forbrain, you can master the nuances of intonation and prosody effortlessly. By honing your ability to perceive and reproduce these suprasegmental aspects of speech, you’ll develop a natural and fluent rhythm, stress patterns, and melodic contours. This empowers you to express emotions effectively, convey meaning with precision, and captivate your audience through dynamic and engaging speech.


Forbrain® is a brain training tool.

Forbrain is versatile and doesn’t require any connection or special methodology. With its portable and personalized approach, Forbrain empowers learners to take control of their speech and language development anytime, anywhere. All you need is speak outloud with someone else or read your book.

The additional microphone of Forbrain not only enables valuable training support from parents, teachers, or therapists, but it also ensures that their voice is processed with dynamic filter amplification, further enhancing the speech and language development process.

Early age 3-6

Propose activities with Forbrain that favor interaction, communication and language development such as cards flags, role-play and singing. Use the additional microphone to faciliate interaction and help your child to focus on your voice. Download our guide to get the most of Forbrain with kids.

School children 6-10

Your child can use Forbrain while you connect the additional mic to assist him with reading aloud as well as pronunciation. He can also read his favorite books or comics on his own. If reading is painful, why not spend some time talking with him to develop vocabulary and syntax? Your child can use Forbrain for 20 minutes a day.

Teenagers 10-18

Enhance your academic journey by incorporating Forbrain into your homework routine, utilizing its power to read out loud and integrate your courses, while dedicating two 20-minute sessions per day to unleash the full potential of this transformative tool.

University student

Prepare for your examinations, study your course material, practice a foreign language, debate or sign while using Forbrain. You can use Forbrain for 20 minutes, 3 times a day for intensive training.

Adults & Professionals

Use Forbrain to practice sight reading, work on pronunciation, diction and timber before an audition or interview. You can use Forbrain for 20 minutes, 3 times a day for intensive training.


Use Forbrain while reading a book or a newspaper aloud. Recit a poem or speak with your family and friends as well. In addition to its benefits for speech learning, Forbrain can also serve as a versatile pocket talker : Take your conversations to a new level by utilizing Forbrain with the additional microphone, enhancing your comprehension and attention as you engage in meaningful dialogue with others.

We recommand a daily use for 6 weeks, followed by a one month’s break. You should not use it for more than one hour straight.

See Forbrain up close

Patented Dynamic FilterProcesses and produces a corrected voice

Bone Conduction TransducersEnhances sound transmission via the temporal bones

User MicrophoneCapture the sound waves of your voice

Headphone jackUsed to listen to audio recordings of training or online classes

Additional microphoneFor training support by the parent, teacher, or therapist

Patented Dynamic FilterProcesses and produces a corrected voice

Bone Conduction TransducersEnhances sound transmission via the temporal bones

User MicrophoneCapture the sound waves of your voice

Headphone jackUsed to listen to audio recordings of training or online classes

Additional microphoneFor training support by the parent, teacher, or therapist

3-5 Days

Scientific studies published in peer-reviewed journals.

Speech-auditory feedback training on cognitive dysfunctions in stroke patients

After a 10-week intervention with Forbrain, the scores of language in experimental group were than those in control group.

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The Potential Effect of Forbrain as an Altered Auditory Feedback Device

The results of this study indicate the effectiveness of Forbrain® in modifying the speech of its users. It is suggested that Forbrain® works as an altered auditory feedback device.

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A scientific single case study on speech, auditory processing and attentional strengthening with Forbrain

As a first step in researching the effects of a limited use of Forbrain, the results suggest that there is a real basis for the claims that Forbrain can improve voice quality and the executive attentional mechanisms and memory

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Find out what other users think

These people share how Forbrain is transforming their lives.  

«I have used Forbrain with kids as part of a therapy in a school setting. Forbrain has been amazing!»

Amanda Speech Language Pathologist

«I noticed an immediate improvement in pronunciation and now, he is able to sit for up to 15 minutes at a time and work on oral memorization.»

Magoo’s Mom 6 years old, Struggles with his pronunciation

«Forbrain is remarkably simple, easy, and painless to use. I suggest you give it a try. Your brain will thank you.»

Dr. Chris ILIADES Medical Doctor ENT

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Forbrain can be beneficial for individuals with speech difficulties or disorders. By providing enhanced auditory feedback and sensory stimulation, Forbrain helps users become more aware of their speech patterns and encourages clearer and more fluent speech production. However, it’s important to consult with a speech-language pathologist or a professional to determine the specific needs and appropriateness of Forbrain for an individual’s speech condition.

No, Forbrain is not a replacement for speech therapy or professional guidance. It can be a valuable tool used in conjunction with speech therapy or language learning programs. Forbrain provides additional support and stimulation for speech and language development, but it should be used under the guidance and supervision of qualified professionals to ensure appropriate use and to address individual needs effectively.

Yes, if the person is at least 3 years old and can make sounds. Forbrain can facilitate the cognitive process of self-correction by helping them better perceive their voice.

Yes, but adjust the microphone volume so the use of Forbrain remains pleasant to your child. If too much discomfort is experienced, the use of Forbrain should be stopped immediately.

Yes, unless the hearing loss is greater than 80% on both ears or in the case of a cochlear implant.

Forbrain is the only available tool to process voice through a dynamic filter and retransmit the sound waves by leveraging bone conduction. A unique patented filter opens and closes in response to certain sounds, then transmits the sound via bone conduction with the ear unobstructed. The technology is unique and perfectly complements other therapies.

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