Forbrain headset and accessories

USD$ 299.00 TTC

Forbrain is a revolutionary brain training headset empowering people with speech, language, and attention challenges.

  • ✅ Immediate results backed by Scientific studies
  • ✅ Improves Speech, Focus, and Memory
  • ✅ 20 minutes per day

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Forbrain work?

The person speaks directly into the microphone and Forbrain’s dynamic filter modifies the voice, helping them to clearly hear the sounds, only slightly louder. High frequency or ‘bright’ sounds are highlighted by the filter which energizes the brain. This allows the person to work on improving their auditory feedback loop.

Do I need an app to use Forbrain?

No, Forbrain operates wirelessly and autonomously. However, you can choose to use the headphone jack to connect to a phone or computer and practice with audio content.

When can I expect results from Forbrain?

Forbrain has an immediate impact on the sound of your voice. With consistent training, Forbrain acts like a brain training tool to improve speech, attention, and memory.

Is Forbrain recommended by therapists?

Yes, Forbrain is recommended by 7,000+ professionals worldwide. Forbrain is backed by years of research and is designed to support therapeutic programs. When used as a complement, it can boost specialist and client efforts, and time to results. Forbrain is also suited for at-home use because it acts as a bridge in-between sessions.

Can I use Forbrain as a complement to conventional therapy?

Of course. Forbrain can be used between regular sessions to reinforce the work done with your client. Considering therapy is usually a long-term approach, Forbrain optimizes and complements these efforts.

What if my child refuses to wear Forbrain?

The device comes with a user manual containing simple tips on how to introduce Forbrain to your child. Most children love to wear Forbrain, it makes them feel special like a pilot or a rockstar! Nevertheless, if your child still refuses to wear it you can request a full refund under our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Do you ship worldwide?

We deliver to homes and businesses around the world except for Russia, Ukraine, North Korea, China, South Africa and Central African countries, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, and Chile. To buy Forbrain in these countries, please check our local distributors.
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