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(Uses Forbrain to improve his working memory)

« With Forbrain Nathaniel had memorized 70% of the first six verses in chapter one within 5 days! »

Memory work.  The sound of it makes my skin crawl.  Echos of struggling to implant into my brain all these facts and missing the mark at school.  Well, no more struggle to learn. I recently learned aboutForbrain a new technology which uses the sound of your own voice to stimulate your brain.   Forbrain is available from Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd. Forbrain uses technology to enhance your language and learning utilizing your own voice to stimulate your brain. 

Using Forbrain is very easy:

  • Turn the device on by pressing the on / off button 
  • Place the hoop behind your head above the neck.
  • The earphones are placed on the bone in front of the ears.  NOT on the ear.
  • The microphone is adjusted to be approximately 3 cm from the mouth and slightly to the left.

IF the Forbrain is in the correct position you will hear your own voice clearly when you speak. It sounds like you are speaking through a high-quality sound system. There is no need to do any adjusting to the unit as it comes with a default setting for optimum sound and use.


It is recommended that Forbrain is used daily in order to maximize results. It can be used with students as young as 5 years old for 15 minutes a day , older teens and adults 20 minutes a day will bring about results.

Forbrain is used to:

  • Help with focus and attention difficulties
  • Assist those with Auditory Processing Disorders
  • Reading difficulty
  • Memory work
  • Speech and Fluency improvement
  • Singing (to find the correct tone)
  • Strengthening auditory reception and processing.
  • Clarifying speech and communication 
  • Speech and language development
  • Improve Attention and memory

Forbrain has a short 2 min video on YouTube explaining how the audio vocal loop is utilized in order to stimulate your brain. If you are wanting a more detailed explanation of how to use Forbrain and the technology/science behind it, you can watch a 20-minute workshop on Forbrain on YouTube.

Nathaniel has been using Forbrain daily for the last seven weeks.  He wears it for approximately 20 min a day Monday to Friday.

He is using it to memorize scripture (we are working our way through Philippians in 28 Weeks).  He puts on the Forbrain and reads the scripture memory card.  Interestingly we had unsuccessfully tried to learn this before. This time with Forbrain Nathaniel had memorized 70% of the first six verses in chapter one within 5 days!

He is also using it to learn his multiplication tables and spelling.  

Over All I thought ...
Forbrain has been a fabulous new resource in our homeschool.  The simplicity of use (put it on and speak out loud) has made it a very easy to use part of our daily home educating. The possibilities of use include working on dialogue (reading out loud and giving each character a unique voice), rhythm (poetry) and diction (correct pronunciation and clear speech for speaking in front of an audience).   

You can read Nathaniel's story directly on his mother's blog.