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(Diagnosed with language delay and behavioral issues)

« Thanks to Forbrain, David is more calm and has made great improvements in speech and reading »

My son, David, is 3 years and 5 months old, and has a particular health condition. After six months since my son was diagnosed, he has some behavioral issues: very poor eye to eye contact, lack of socialization, a notable delay in his verbal skills and an attention deficit is also present. The last psychiatric evaluation conclusion was: pervasive developmental and epilepsy, which caused him an expressive language delay. When we showed for the first time the Forbrain device to David he was a little bit suspicious at the beginning, but after we put the headphones on his head, he was absolutely fascinated by his own voice, amplified by the transducers. I remember him watching around in the attempt to understand what's happening, where is the voice coming from?

We use the device no more than 10 minutes per day and my son loves that time, he makes a lot of funny games with his voice: sings, repeat words and imitates animal sounds. Nevertheless, we saw some improvements in his behavior, immediately after the "10 minutes therapy" in terms of appetite for talking. In average, the "effect" takes half an hour. Also, during the 10 minutes therapy we observed that David is more calm, has a good attitude regarding tasks: reading, playing, do things in general. We need to investigate more in depth the improvements, but the future seems to be really bright.

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