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Julie's daughter
(Reading difficulties and lack self-confidence)

« Now she is making more of an effort to use letter sounds correctly. She enjoys reading out loud more now which is surprising me. »

This review is about an amazing product called Forbrain-Sound For Life Ltd. This is probably one of the most unique and coolest products I have ever reviewed. Forbrain enhances your voice patterns and delivers them directly using your bone structure. This is called bone conduction and it transmits the sound of your voice 10 times faster and with better clarity than air conduction. Which is how you normally hear things.  There is a special filter in Forbrain called a dynamic filter. This filter enhances specific frequencies of speech that increase memory, attention and sensory processing. This helps to correct the way you hear your own voice and leads to better speech, increased confidence, improves concentration, memory and attention.

My oldest has focus issues. She really struggles to stay focused on each task. It is heart breaking to watch her be so easily distracted and struggling to keep her self on task. She also has trouble with memorizing number facts. When this came up for review I was more than excited to see what it could do for her. Forbrain actually came while we were camping, we made a mad dash home to get it just so we could start using it right away. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge before you can use it but the battery last a long time. It charges via USB port on your computer. The directions say not to use Forbrain for more than 2 hours at a time.


The girls started out using it for about 30 minutes a day. At first my oldest used it during math fact practice. It took her a few times of using it to really get into it. But I quickly noticed that she could complete all of her multiplication fact practice with out getting off task. Every day she became less resistant about having to practice. She is still not jumping for joy when it comes to practicing but she is less resistant and just says ok when ask to practice. After a couple weeks she ask if she could use it during her independent reading time or while she was reading her history assignment. I gave her the ok and waited to see what would happen. Over the course of a few days I noticed that she was completing her history reading assignment much faster and is paying more attention. She also seemed to be remembering more of what she was reading long term. It was thrilling to see her get through an entire assignment with out getting distracted. She still has her un focused moments but over all I am noticing such an improvement. She will continue to practice with it every day.

My youngest wanted to give it a try. What big sis does little sis wants to do too. She has a few letter that she doesn't always pronounce quite right. I set her up with Forbrain and a book and off she went. The next day she was practicing with a different book and came to me to ask if she really sounded like that when she pronounced a word. I told her yes that some times she does. Now she is making more of an effort to use those specific letter sounds correctly. She enjoys reading out loud more now which is surprising me. I think it helped to build her confidence in her ability to readout loud. She has recently started to use Forbrain while practicing math facts. I have yet to determine if its helping her remember them but am excited that she wants to do it.

I have been using Forbrain my self for a couple of weeks. I have some 10 codes for work that I have been working on memorizing. I have always struggled with memorizing things. But after seeing improvement in my oldest I decided that I wanted to give it a try my self. So far it seems to be going well. I am staying a little more focused on practicing them and I think that is helping me remember them easier. Forbrain has made me fall in love with bone conduction technology.

I am really going to encourage you to click the banner on this one. Every reviewer used this product in a slightly different way and for different reasons. Each of these reviews can give you a look into how Forbrain can be used.

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