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Gidion - PART1
(Hearing impairment)

« Now, for the first time ever, he completed instructions without needing to look at the therapist. »

My son, Gidion, has been diagnosed with a rare disorder, Fanconi Anaemia (FA) at birth. FA is an inherited disease that can lead to bone marrow failure and cancer. Although it is considered primarily a blood disease, FA may affect all systems of the body. It is a complex and chronic disorder that is physically and psychologically demanding - for both Gidion and us as parents. Gidion has had so many setbacks in his life, ranging from being born prematurely weighing only 1kg, to recurrent hospitalizations, being tube fed and also finding out that he has a hearing impairment - mild hearing loss in his right ear, and moderate in his left ear. But he is so clever...since he was a baby he found that sound conducts through bone. He would always put his chin on his toys to hear the sound.

Gidion has no mental impairment and is in a mainstream school - he is currently 6 years old. But due to his lack of immunity (as a result of bone marrow failure) and his hearing impairment, he is in small school educational setup since a simply cannot hear with a lot of background noise. His audiologist end speech therapist said that the moment his teacher says that his hearing handicap is setting him back, he would probably need surgery (his ear canals are extremely narrow and a ridge of bone is blocking his left ear canal) and/or a hearing aid. About a month ago, Gidion's occupational therapist tried the Forbrain headphones with remarkable results. Before using the Forbrain headphones, Gidion needed to look at a person and read his/her lips in order for him to understand and process a task. Now, for the first time ever, he completed instructions without needing to look at the therapist. I wanted to cry when he said to me with wonder in his eyes "Mamma, I can hear myself" and when he could actually hear the "s, p and b's"! We also saw an improvement in his concentration (he has ADD) since all the background noise is minimized. I truly believe the Forbrain headphones and microphone set will help Gidion to reach his fullest potential in life.

Discover Gidion's adventure with Forbrain in PART 2 of his story.