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Megan Erickson's son, Kendall
(Learning difficulties)

« My family has seen huge progress with the use of Forbrain and we are so glad we decided to purchase it. »

Forbrain was first introduced to us when my son Kendall started Kindergarten. He was struggling so much with just learning the letter names. He hated homework and had such a hard time focusing on getting any of it done. He was tested and qualified for extra help during school and his teacher was still concerned with how he was progressing. We tried so many different methods; flashcards, games, computer activities, you name it and we tried it. Something just wasn't clicking. My sister has a son who is nonverbal due to a stroke he had when he was 2 and she showed me how Forbrain was helping her son say a few words. I was able to borrow it to see if we noticed a difference.

    We tried it for 2 weeks and began to see progress in just that short of time. I wasn't sure why exactly but I could tell this was working. He was learning more of his letter names, sounds, and even remembering other things like colors, shapes and numbers. His focus during classwork and homework also improved. While he was wearing the Forbrain he was actually able and wanted to do 6 pages of "homework" during the time it would usually take to do 1-2. 

    My daughter, Allie, was in 5th grade and decided she wanted to start using it when she practiced her spelling words. She said it gave her more confidence and helped her remember things better so she started using it when she practiced her oral presentations as well. She now uses it when she practices her singing lessons. Both children like using it and often ask if they can wear it because "it's so cool". My daughter feels like a superstar singing in a concert and my son says he feels like a secret agent.

    My family has seen huge progress with the use of Forbrain and we are so glad we decided to purchase it. If you or someone you know with kids or even adults are struggling with reading, memorizing, attention or speech troubles look into this it's pretty amazing what it can do.