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Françoise Loy's experiance
(Professional violoncellist and lyrical singer)

« It was an incredible surprise to hear how perfectly pitched my voice was! »

After a career as a cellist, I started studying lyrical singing later in life. Three years after my first singing class, I joined the choir of the Opéra of Metz in France, where I still sing in the altos 2 group.
During the 22 years that I sang in this choir, I was tutored by different kinds of voice coaches, some more successful than others but the whole time, I questioned myself vocally. I often perform concerts as a soloist and regularly perform outside of my work, but lately, I have struggled with my voice.

Despite the fact that I work my voice regularly at home, it turns out that my daily work with the choir didn’t help me to get an optimal hearing of my own voice. I must say that often, "We don’t hear each other’s anymore" so we rely essentially on one’s physical sensations. I think that in doing so, my ear was relegated to the background, even when I was working it on my own at home. As a result, I started doubting myself, and especially lost confidence in myself when it was time to perform as a soloist.

My niece has a forbrain’s headset, and since I knew the Tomatis method for having read passionately "the ear and the voice" in the past, I asked her to lend it to me and let me test it.

I tried it for the first time at home on a Sunday morning. It was an incredible surprise to hear how perfectly pitched my voice was. What was supposed to be a test, lasted for 2 hours as I kept on singing in full voice a good part of my repertoire and I enjoyed it tremendously. I wasn’t questioning myself anymore, no doubts, no more fumbling around, my voice was there, beautiful, open and easy. I also noticed that my body was standing in its verticality without control or effort on my part. Even my teenage girl, who usually never comments when I work, said: “It was beautiful mom!”.

The next day, I tried Forbrain while I was with the choir. And again, surprise! What I felt was wonderful, I was able to hear the vocal imperfections that I had not detected before having the headset. Since that day, I hardly use my voice without my Forbrain!

I kept using it daily for two weeks. During a solo concert, my relatives noticed a change in my voice, more high pitch harmonics and for me, a newfound ease, greater fluidity with sounds and the joy and the pleasure that comes with it.

All my gratitude goes to the inventor of this extraordinary method and to my niece.

Françoise Loy