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Kelly's sons
(Speech and reading difficulties)

« It's been amazing to see the differences in both of my sons speech, and I would highly recommend this product. »

Hi, friends! I was so excited when Forbrain - Sound For Life LTD sent me a package with their bone conduction headset! This headset uses your own voice to help with learning, language, and memory. It is a tool used to boost brain productivity and help with speech, pronunciation, and auditory processing. How it works is the bone conduction headset transmits the sound of your voice ten times faster than air conduction. It almost feels like there is a one second delay as the sound of your voice hits your ears with this headset on. It is recommended to use for at least 6 weeks, a few minutes everyday to help increase speech performance. The headset comes in a nice case and also a USB charger that plugs right into the computer. It also comes with extra microphone cushion pieces and an instruction manual as shown below. 

When my oldest son was born, I went in for what I thought would be a normal delivery. I'm not sure if there is such a thing as a normal delivery, but I ended up with an emergency C-Section. My son was trying to come out ear first and thankfully, the doctors were able to deliver him safely. He scored well on his hearing and tests, and we were able to go home after a few days.  Each week, we used to have play dates with his cousins over at my mother-in-law's house. She would watch my niece and nephew while my sister-in-law was at work, and it was such a blessing to see them play and interact. My nephew is two months older than my oldest son, and I started to see that his speech was more progressed than my sons. He was able to speak in sentences, and my son was just starting to say Mama or Dada. At the time, I didn't make the connection that because my nephew had older siblings at home, he was learning from them. Even though my son and I would read together and interact with each other during the day, because I stayed home with him, he didn't have much interaction with other children other than his cousins once a week. I started to wonder if he had any speech delays or difficulties.

It wasn't until I discovered I was pregnant with my youngest son, that another blessing presented itself. My side of the family has rough pregnancies, and I was no different. I was sick all day, everyday so my oldest who was about 14 months old at the time had many movie days with me. We would watch his television shows in the morning, and in the afternoon I would watch my television programs. He quickly became bored with my shows, so I would play YouTube videos of some classic cartoons I loved as a child. He soon discovered toy review videos done by other children, and all of a sudden I saw his speech start to improve. He still had a bit of a speech impediment, but I never got him professionally diagnosed. 

Flash forward a few years, and a bit of parenting under my belt that I realized his speech would develop in his own timing. I feel like my youngest son came out of the womb talking, but I realized it was because he was able to bounce off of my oldest and vice versa. We have been using Forbrain for the last few weeks, and I have noticed a difference in speech in both of my sons. They both are auditory learners, and it was fun for them to hear how their voice sounds to others. My sons would be playing with toys, and take turns wearing the bone conduction headset. This has also strongly helped my oldest son with his reading abilities, as he would read a story with the headset on. I feel like he has become more confident in his reading abilities, and he now asks us all if he can read to us. He also continues to watch his YouTube videos, and wears the headset as he talks along with the audio of the video. My youngest uses it when we do phonics and reading lessons, so he really truly hears the annunciation of each sound.

It's been amazing to see the difference in both of my sons and their speech, in just a few weeks. My husband was so impressed by this bone conduction headset, that he also used it to prepare for presenting his testimony at church last week. I am excited to use this headset for a convention I will be attending in the next few weeks. I love that this has been such a valuable resource for all members of my family. 

I think that each classroom should have at least one Forbrain headset in it, and it's also wonderful that this is a resource that can be available for home use. I have some friends whose children have had to undergo tubes in the ears being replaced, and who also go to speech therapy. I think this would be an amazing tool to have at home in between the speech therapy sessions. It is also excellent for enhancing not only speech performance, but also memory and stimulation for the brain. It's been amazing to see the differences in both of my sons speech, and I would highly recommend this product.

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