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Jay McGregor
(Vocational Evaluator)

« I wore Forbrain for a couple of hours each day and I was more alert and effective. This thing really works. »

I read some of the information that is provided on the website and have to admit that I was somewhat skeptical. My initial impression upon trying them was that they couldn’t possible have the profound impact that was claimed. So I went into this less than completely open-minded. I wore the Forbrain, for the first time, after having eaten lunch. This is normally a very low-energy time for me. I struggle with concentration and drowsiness. If I am forced to do correspondence or report writing, I have a difficulty with staying focused and alert. I made the decision to read my emails aloud and I received calls during this time. I was very obviously more alert and I did not experience the usual dip in energy that I expect at this time of day! I remained somewhat skeptical because I could explain this change in energy level by chalking it up to the fact that I was reading aloud and must have been providing more oxygen to my brain. Over the course of the next couple of weeks I wore the Forbrain for a couple of hours each day during this low energy period , and without any dramatic changes in how I conducted myself, it was very clear that I was alert and I believe I was more effective as well. Now I attest to the benefits. This thing really works.

A second benefit was obvious to me immediately. I was hearing my own voice and I could hear when I was fully pronouncing my words and when they would run together of become somewhat muddled. I began more deliberately forming my words and the result seemed to be my speech was becoming clearer. I have also felt that I was more easily choosing my words and phrasing. When speaking “on my feet,”  I was better able to be succinct, with less use of pauses.

About Jay M. Vocational Evaluator

I am a Vocational Evaluator, working with adults with disabilities for Midwest Special Services, a non-profit organization in St. Paul, MN.  The people I serve have made the decision to seek competitive employment within the community. We work together to identify barriers to employment and adjust to working. We provide a safe and supportive environment in which Job Seekers are provided the opportunity to work in the community, while they develop the skills necessary for life-long success in employment.

This is the career that I had chosen after our three children had grown. My first career was in business working as an Account Executive for a large manufacturer of office automation equipment. While I am grateful for all that career provided,  I made the decision to change careers because I wanted a greater sense of purpose and contribution. I made a very good decision. I  love my work.

I have not been diagnosed as having a disability. I believe that all people have varying abilities and equally varying levels of struggle. I am certain that as a child, I would l have been considered to have challenges with attention. Diagnoses of Attention Deficit Disorder were not on the radar during this period, so the behaviors that I manifested were labelled as those of a “miss-behaved child.”  Throughout my adulthood, I have had to make adjustments to how I learn, how I work, and how I order my day. I have also relied upon natural supports  and the understanding of the people in my life. In this way I see common ground with those with whom I work. Diagnosis or no diagnosis, we need each other.