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(Reading, memory and attention difficulties)

« I have seen tremendous improvement in her reading comprehension and reading rhythm, especially »

Forbrain is recommended for daily use over a course of six to ten weeks for children through the elderly. Children 5 and below should use the product for roughly 10 minutes a day, while older children aged 5 through 15 are recommended to use the device for 15 minutes. Older teens, adults, and elderly should use the Forbrain daily for 10-30 minutes. The device should be used for a period of 10 weeks, then take a break and start the cycle again.

I used this product with my three youngest daughters, 13, 9, & 6. They each used the bone conduction headset for the allotted time for their ages. They each have a specific area I was trying to help them with from reading comprehension, memory, and attention span. They all eagerly wanted to try out our new toy, but first we had to let it charge up for a full 3 hours before the first use. Charging it was simple as I just plugged it into my desktop USB port. The light on the dynamic filter is red while it charges. Once the charging cycle is complete, the red light will turn off. A blue light will shine when the headset is on. I also went over instructions for its usage, because I must tell you this product is not cheap! It retails for $395 USD but if you have a child struggling, it is worth its weight in gold.


With Mikayla I have seen tremendous improvement in her reading comprehension and reading rhythm, especially. She used to read so fast without any pause and in such a monotone voice. Now that she has the headset on she can actually hear how she sounds and has made great strides in slowing down and reading. Her comprehension has skyrocketed too. She no longer reads a passage and cannot narrate back to me something she read. To help her get to this point I used the Echo and Accompanying technique, in which I overlaid my voice with hers. I would begin reading the passage and she would pick up {+/-} one-second lag. It was hard tedious work because she is a teenager and thinks she knows everything, but once she started seeing little results each day she was more eager to try and didn’t fuss too much.



For Montana and McKenzie I basically just wanted them to read aloud with the device on so they could hear their voices. Every day they would sit at the little desk next to my desk and read from their individual reading comprehension books or binders. I would follow along and correct them if they made a mistake. Other times for Montana, I would have her read her free reader out loud or a science book she was interested in reading aloud. Montana is my child who struggled to read because she could not hear the sounds the letters made. I wish we would have had this product a few years ago. She has made many strides as well in the last six weeks, as well as McKenzie. McKenzie is a petite girl, and the headset did not always fit right on her head. To solve this, I would tell her if she stopped hearing herself to tell me so that I could adjust the headset. It would be awesome if the Forbrain was adjustable for the kids with smaller features. However, this does not distract us from using the product at all.

When I first tried on the Forbrain it gave me a little start hearing my voice so clearly and actually hearing how I sound. It made me want to talk more and more and see what would happen if I changed pitch or made my voice loud or soft.

Overall, this is an awesome product and we will definitely keep using it daily in our homeschool. I have seen tremendous improvement in my three girls that I can wait until my son is just a bit older to use it with him for vocabulary development. Right now he is just a little too hands on and rough and I would hate for our bone conduction headset to get broken.

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