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Renee's daughter
(Learning difficulties)

« Her therapist noticed that she spoke clearer and slowed down when she was speaking »

Forbrain can be used for speech and language difficulties, brain stimulation, auditory processing disorder, reading difficulties, ADD ; ADHD, improve speech, improve attention, auditory feedback loop, bone conduction headset, sensory integration, and so much more.

How did I use Forbrain?

I was the first to try it before I introduced it to my daughter-wow you can hear yourself clearly and even feel it. I was really excited to use this with my 13-year-old daughter. She has a whole plethora of issues with learning disabilities, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Intellectually Challenged, speech issues, and other things going on.   


When I first received Forbrain I needed to plug it into my computer to charge. Typically it takes 2 - 3 hours for a complete charge. I found that the battery lasted somewhere around 6 hours. I knew it was charged when a blue light was lit up on the right side when the device is on. 

Forbrain is easy to use. You have a small on/off button on the device to turn on placed on the right side. I would turn it on when it was on my daughter’s head. The microphone is adjustable to get it comfortable in a position of your mouth. It doesn’t extend in length as you don’t want it really close to your mouth. There is a small +/- for volume. The volume is on a default setting which, is already set for optimum sound. It was set at the perfect volume for us.

Forbrain is recommended for around 20 minutes daily for teens and adults and for children 5 and older for 15 minutes a day. They recommend 6 to 8 weeks of using Forbrain consistently. 


It took a lot of convincing for me to get Bug to even put it on. She’s not fond of something being on her head. We had to go very slow for around a week. The second week I decided to take it with us to her therapist who works with kids with Autism. Her therapist as you can imagine was thrilled to work with Bug with Forbrain. The therapist put it on herself and was impressed with the way it amplified her voice and was really impressed with the technology. She thought it might be a good fit for the center to use in the many departments. Funny, Bug put it on her head immediately-grrrr. She made it look so easy. 

Bug was working on social skills and her therapist has her selling her honey at the center. She has to look at the person's face while talking about her bees and herself, count money, speak clearly, and remember what to say. She took her wares to the center and had to give a sales pitch to sell her items - all the while she was wearing the Forbrain. This isn’t the first time she has sold her honey here. Not only did she have to sell her honey now but, she had to explain to speech, occupational, physical therapist, and even the president of the therapy center what was on her head. (Nicole had to help with this a bit). Nicole noticed that she spoke clearer and slowed down when she was speaking. Her therapist requested that we bring it with us for her weekly appointment. She has done several activities with her over the last few weeks with Forbrain.

Next appointment at the center was her speech therapist which seen her earlier with Nicole with it on her head. Her speech therapist tried it on and was immediately taken by it. She thought it would be great for kids who stutter and helping out with the correct pronunciation of sounds and words. Bug has been doing food issues with her speech therapist so we didn’t use it with her. 


At home, we used Forbrain for around 20 minutes a day Monday-Friday. I found many different ways to use Forbrain. One way was to have her use it while doing her phonemes. She noticed that she didn’t pronounce some of the sounds clearly herself. 


She read out loud to me with Forbrain on. I noticed that it made her slow down and take time sounding out the words. I have been doing this 3xs a   week with her. The other 2 days I have her read out loud to me without Forbrain on. She is being more cautious with her words without it on. She seems to speak clearer while using Forbrain.

Another thing I noticed is her volume. Oh my! She doesn’t have an indoor voice and doesn’t recognize how loud she can be. She noticed it while using Forbrain and is trying to be more careful with volume control. We have ways to go in that area. The good thing is that she now knows that she is speaking very loud. 
I also had her do it while she was working on math facts, scripture memory, and other subjects.

My Final Thoughts

Forbrain has been very interesting to use with my daughter. I would have loved to have had access to Forbrain when she was younger. She had only a few words in her vocabulary at the age of 6 and 2-3 word sentences. Up until the last few years, she was difficult to understand. Most people can understand her speak now but, it requires listening carefully to her. Some words are very difficult still. I can really see what a blessing this would have been.
The good thing is that it’s not too late to correct her speech. She notices that she is saying words wrong now and wants to say them correctly. Thanks to Forbrain for this new discovery for her to recognize her speech articulation herself.
I’m still not sure what to completely expect while using Forbrain but, I have noticed some improvement with my daughter. I suspect that I will continue to use in the future with my daughter.
Now, if I could get my son to put it on while working on math facts I would love to see how it helps him out. I just can’t get him to wear Forbrain at this point.

I am very thankful for Forbrain-Sound for Life Ltd for being so generous in allowing me to use Forbrain with my daughter as I have seen improvements with her. This has truly been a unique experience.

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