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Kristin Mosman
(Hospital-based SLP)

« Forbrain tunes the cerebral network for attentional control. The use is more resistant to distracters and more focused on task performance. »

First, it seems that the single use of Forbrain for 15 minutes enhances voice quality, at least during the subsequent seven minutes that the voice recording lasted, as revealed by at least three of the six quantitative parameters from the voice that we managed to retrieve. Some of these parameters showed robust results (significant difference between baseline and Forbrain use, between Forbrain use and post-treatment, and between baseline and post-treatment).

Second, while reading with the Forbrain device in on mode, and subsequently afterwards for at least the seven minutes that the recording lasted, there was a significant enhancement of the emotional arousal, as supported by enhanced skin conductance and enhanced heart rate.

Finally, and more remarkable as it actually confirms the original hypothesis that motivated the study and that I put forward in my report on the principles of action of Forbrain (July 2014), the use of Forbrain tunes the cerebral network for attentional control so that the participant became more resistant to distracters and more focused on task performance. This was supported by attenuated brain responses to distracters, and given that the post Forbrain use measurement took 80 minutes after its use, it can be concluded that the effects last for such a long period of time.

I am quite happy with the work we carried out, although I wasn't fully aware of the technical complexity of this study, that I briefly comment here. First, we analyzed over 20 different variables, for which a time series of at least 48 points or more (e.g., 102 for heart rate, skin conductance and voice parameters) was constructed. Second, the methods used to derive the measurements from the recordings were rather sophisticated, and in some cases require the use of complex mathematical algorithms to analyze the signals (e.g., the voice recordings). Finally, statistical analysis of single-case studies is not as usual as inferential statistics, and there are no commercial programs that allow automatization of the analysis. But at the end, with a little more effort than originally planned, we managed to accomplish the work in time, and to obtain very relevant results.

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