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Kara Tavolacci
(Occupational Therapist, SIPT certified)

« Forbrain makes a huge difference in terms of eye contact and communication skills »

I can tell you that Forbrain makes a huge difference. I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients who have participated in both sensory integration programs and traditional occupational therapy.
This new tool, Forbrain has enabled me to enhance my traditional occupational therapy sessions to have improved success. With the use of Forbrain in my therapy sessions, I have observed improved eye contact and communication in the children I work with. I have witnessed my clients tune into their voices and begin to play with their voices by making more sounds, babbling and even singing songs.
My clients that I work with seem to love this product and their parents are thrilled that they are able to purchase it so they can continue the program at home.

A parent of a 7 year old boy with significant language delays and self-regulation issues have reported to me that Forbrain is easy to use and they have been able to use it during his speech therapy homework. They have reported that he was more focus and concentrated when he was wearing Forbrain. Also the child was now himself requesting to use Forbrain, which seems that speaking is more fun for him. In terms of fluency, they have noticed that his pronunciation was much better. Besides using it with the kids that I work with I have also recommended this device to adults who struggle with attention disorders and poor self-confidence. I have been very amazed to see how some of them started utilizing this tool and have noticed improvements in term of confidence and ability to use their voice and speak up for themselves.

I have also noticed that they are more aware when they are talking to me and conscious of speaking clearly.

Kara Tavolacci is an Occupational Therapist, SIPT certified, who has been working for years with several different programs such as sensory integration programs, DIR /Floortime and listening programs.

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