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(E.N.T., Author)

« Forbrain is remarkably simple, easy, and painless to use. I suggest you give it a try. Your brain will thank you. »

Wake Up Your Brain With Forbrain

Forbrain is a remarkable device based on the simple premise that if sound reaches your brain in a different way it gets your brain’s attention. Think about sitting at home reading a book. All the usual sounds of you home surround you. Suddenly you hear a different sound. You sit up and take notice. In the most simplistic terms, that is what for forbrain does for your brain.

The next thing you should know is that Forbrain does this in a remarkably simple, easy, and painless way. The device comes in a handy case about the size of a shaving kit. Inside is a headset with an attached microphone. You also get a recharger you can plug into the USB cable on your computer. That’s about it.

How Forbrain Works: Brain Plasticity

When you wear Forbrian and speak into the microphone, a processing device attached to the headset changes your voice slightly. It filters out background noise and accentuates clear sounds like long vowels. Your voice is not delivered into your ear canals. The transducers sit on your temples in front of your ears.

Conducting sound through your skull instead of through your ear canals is called bone conduction hearing. Normal hearing is a combination of bone conduction and air conduction. Air conduction is the sound that vibrates through your eardrums and through your middle ear.

Your brain is accustomed to getting sound input in the normal way. Think of it as being on cruise control. When sound comes in it uses all the routine established, nerve pathways. When you change the input, your brain has to use new pathways. Using new ways to process information is called brain plasticity.

Up until the 1960s, it was though that your brain’s physical structure was not very adaptable. Now we know that there is lots of unused space and the brain is capable of mapping out new territory well into old age. Children have more plasticity than adults, but we all have the ability to use more of our brains.

Benefits of Forbrain for Your Brain

Forbrain is being used by speech therapists to help children increase their comprehension and verbal ability. Adults can use it to increase memory, improve public speaking, and increase focus and attention. The technical way of saying this is that Forbrain enhances your phonological loop and develops auditory verbal memory, inner speech, and verbal fluency. In other word. It makes you smarter.

For an adult, Forbrain suggests using the device for about 20 minutes per day to get the best results. Seniors may want to try 30 minutes. Children can get good results in 10 minutes. A full session lasts 6 to 10 weeks, but there is no reason to stop if it works for you. There are no side effects to worry about.

For my own non-scientific clinical trial, I read myself favorite poems for about a week. The words and the meanings of the words did take on a new life. It is a different experience. Forbrain has a very good website that gives you some of the scientific background and you can clearly see how it might work for you or your child. I suggest you give it a try. Read to yourself, or sing to yourself. Your brain will thank you.

Chris Iliades, MD, E.N.T., Author.

Chris Iliades is a retired ear, nose, throat and head and neck surgeon. He has also been a medical director and principle investigator for clinical research. Since 2004, Dr. Iliades has been a full-time medical writer and journalist. He has interviewed hundreds of America’s top doctors and over 1,000 of his articles have appeared in major health websites.