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(Diagnosed with Adult ADHD, Blogger)

« Forbrain definitely helps people remember, stay in tune and get a better sense of self-confidence through regular use! »

Forbrain is a headphone with microphone. It is equipped with dynamic filter and bone conduction. It is designed to improve auditory processing, memory and attention.

Q : What was your first impression when opening the box?
I was immediately impressed by the secure packaging, the color of the logo, and the quality of it all! That was what hit me immediately. "These people mean business!"

Q: What was your first impression (feeling) when you put the device on your head and started to speak?
It tickled a bit at first, as I had to adjust it due to mistakenly putting it on wrong. Once I put it back into the packaging to "re-shape it," however, it was good to go! The volume didn't need to be turned up very loud at all. It was definitely a very striking "feeling" when I spoke, like my confidence would be immediately improved, as weird as that might sound.

Q: How do you feel about the bone conduction transmission?
I'm very new to this idea, but I found it very interesting, and I do believe that depending on the challenge a user is facing, Forbrain can definitely help them develop a stronger sense of tuning, self-confidence and auditory processing.

Q: What do you think about the dynamic filter?
At first, I didn't realize that the filter was deliberately changing the frequencies. I know now that it does this to keep the brain really focused. I initially experienced this as "fading" and was wondering what was happening but once I got the idea, it really helped me pay attention. It also helped me focus on being really clear with my speech.

Q. How do you feel the feedback of your voice?
That was excellent! What a powerful experience for people with challenges, I thought to myself! This can help people remember what they're reading right off the bat, since it's such a different sound - one that goes to the bone level! It really helped me stay in tune while singing, too. Just be careful not to turn the volume up too high. It is a high-quality unit, with a lot of volume if needed.

Q: What is your impression of the product after few days of practice?
That it can definitely aid in helping people remember, stay in tune, and get a way better sense of self-confidence through regular use! It was very interesting to use, and it makes your voice really penetrate your nervous system, so you feel very "powerful" when speaking. It also seems to increase awareness, since it's so powerful feedback-wise. You really get an amazing sense of your own voice!

Q: What tips would you share with the public?
Number one: Keep an open mind! That is huge. Take your time with it, try different things (speak/read/sing/study), and see what it does for you! Yet again - self-confidence improved for me. It was fun to use!

I had fun trying out Forbrain’s system, and it was a pleasure to test out a non-medication alternative for improving memory, self-confidence and auditory processing.

After being diagnosed with Adult ADHD at the age of thirty-five after a suicide attempt, Jeff Emmerson decided to devote his professional life to raising awareness about the condition. Jeff has written a powerful and inspiring memoir about living with undiagnosed Adult ADHD which he hopes will change lives through focusing on gratitude, living in the moment, and following your heart in life.

“I’m on a mission to reach millions of adults who are going through the life-altering challenges that ADHD can create. Managing symptoms while maximizing our gifts and passions is the key to a better life – no doubt about it. My life was saved due to my diagnosis, and now I’m living a wonderful, satisfying life!”

Jeff Emmerson also tweets and blogs about the daily challenges of living with ADHD, and the tools and strategies he uses to live a happy, successful life, on In under a year, Jeff has built his Twitter audience to over 40,000 followers, and he has done it through passion, consistency, and organic efforts. Jeff is also a writer for

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