• Max
    (Lack of confidence in oral communication)

    « Warning: this Forbrain device may change your life »

    Well, at least it did for me! It changed me from a shy person into a very passionate self expressive person. When I have it on, I feel like I am recharging myself like an iPhone, always staying on 100%. I always tell people this is the single best investment I have ever made under 300 euros. It changed my life. I used to have a repellant feeling to speak, now I am often one of the most passionate people… Read more >

  • Françoise Loy's experiance
    (Professional violoncellist and lyrical singer)

    « It was an incredible surprise to hear how perfectly pitched my voice was! »

    After a career as a cellist, I started studying lyrical singing later in life. Three years after my first singing class, I joined the choir of the Opéra of Metz in France, where I still sing in the altos 2 group. During the 22 years that I sang in this choir, I was tutored by different kinds of voice coaches, some more successful than others but the whole time, I questioned myself vocally. I often… Read more >

  • Megan Erickson's son, Kendall
    (Learning difficulties)

    « My family has seen huge progress with the use of Forbrain and we are so glad we decided to purchase it. »

    Forbrain was first introduced to us when my son Kendall started Kindergarten. He was struggling so much with just learning the letter names. He hated homework and had such a hard time focusing on getting any of it done. He was tested and qualified for extra help during school and his teacher was still concerned with how he was progressing. We tried so many different methods; flashcards, games, computer… Read more >

  • Tina's children
    (Reading and attention)

    « We all heard some noticeable improvements in the way our son pronounced beginning blends like “tr” and “bl" »

    When I was first approached about reviewing a bone conduction headset from Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd, it was described to me as a “brain workout” and as “a sensory workout for the nervous system.” Honestly, I had no idea what that meant, but I was intrigued enough to go and check out their 20-minute introductory video describing the product. Before I’d even finished the video, I was desperate to… Read more >

  • Laura's daughters
    (Speech, attention and memory issues)

    « Our oldest daughter said "I like using it to read because I can really hear what the story is about and it makes me feel better about reading out loud" »

    A bone conduction headset with technology for speech, language, reading, and auditory difficulties, designed to help with brain stimulation, sensory integration, and attention? What an interesting concept! Forbrain - Sound for Life Ltd was created for that purpose and more, so after looking over their website and learning more about it, we appreciated the chance to give it a try over the last several… Read more >

  • Gidion - PART2
    (Hearing impairment)

    « At the end of Grade 1 Gidion received the certificate for the pupil who showed the most progress »

    Remember Gidion? This little kid has to face many challenges every single day. As her mum, Tushka, says: "Gidion is a warrior of God". Read his full story and experience with Forbrain with PART 1 here. Gidion, warrior of God… And now Gidion is 8 years old. He has passed grade R (pre-school) and Grade 1 with flying colours. Due to Gidion’s hearing impairment as a result of his genetic disorder… Read more >

  • Lis' son
    (Speech difficulties)

    « After some weeks of use of Forbrain, there is definitely a difference in the clarity of his speech »

    There are so many children and adults these days with learning issues, whether they have delayed or unclear speech, or poor memory and focus skills. My Middlest has some focus issues, and my youngest has had some speech issues, so we were interested in being on the review for a new product by Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd that uses an auditory feedback loop to improve attention and speech. I was particularly… Read more >

  • Julie's daughter
    (Reading difficulties and lack self-confidence)

    « Now she is making more of an effort to use letter sounds correctly. She enjoys reading out loud more now which is surprising me. »

    This review is about an amazing product called Forbrain-Sound For Life Ltd. This is probably one of the most unique and coolest products I have ever reviewed. Forbrain enhances your voice patterns and delivers them directly using your bone structure. This is called bone conduction and it transmits the sound of your voice 10 times faster and with better clarity than air conduction. Which is how you… Read more >

  • Magoo
    (Struggles with his pronunciation)

    « I noticed an immediate improvement in pronunciatio and now, he is able to sit for up to 15 minutes at a time and work on oral memorization »

    It has been fun to learn about language development as my boys have grown from delightful toddlers with only a handful of words to big kids who are learning to fully express themselves. While I love some of the cute mispronunciations that my boys make, I know how important language development is at a young age. My boys have had the typical speech issues of hard to understand preschoolers, and I have… Read more >

  • Jacquelin
    (Reading, memory and attention difficulties)

    « I have seen tremendous improvement in her reading comprehension and reading rhythm, especially »

    Forbrain is recommended for daily use over a course of six to ten weeks for children through the elderly. Children 5 and below should use the product for roughly 10 minutes a day, while older children aged 5 through 15 are recommended to use the device for 15 minutes. Older teens, adults, and elderly should use the Forbrain daily for 10-30 minutes. The device should be used for a period of 10 weeks… Read more >

  • Kelly's sons
    (Speech and reading difficulties)

    « It's been amazing to see the differences in both of my sons speech, and I would highly recommend this product. »

    Hi, friends! I was so excited when Forbrain - Sound For Life LTD sent me a package with their bone conduction headset! This headset uses your own voice to help with learning, language, and memory. It is a tool used to boost brain productivity and help with speech, pronunciation, and auditory processing. How it works is the bone conduction headset transmits the sound of your voice ten times faster than… Read more >

  • Jennifer's sons
    (Reading difficulties)

    « Forbrain has been a very successful tool and consider it such a blessing to our family! »

    My son thinks a bit differently; in fact how he processes information leaves me baffled at times. While we are not certain that is an auditory processing issues, nonetheless I was so excited when Forbrain – Sound For Life LTD gave me the opportunity to review their bone conduction headset! If you aren’t familiar with auditory processing disorder, basically it affects how the central nervous system… Read more >

  • Rebecca
    (Used it with her 2 kids for focus and speech)

    « It immediately helped during a school assignment as he could hear his own voice so well that he automatically started focusing »

    I was so excited when Forbrain – Sound For Life LTD sent me a package with their bone conduction headset to review! Today I am going to share with you how this headset has improved our memory and focus, is helping my toddler enunciate her speech (think home speech therapy without the bill!), helping my 6-year-old with his frustration and easy distractibility, and helping me improve my voice! We have… Read more >

  • Renee's daughter
    (Learning difficulties)

    « Her therapist noticed that she spoke clearer and slowed down when she was speaking »

    Forbrain can be used for speech and language difficulties, brain stimulation, auditory processing disorder, reading difficulties, ADD ; ADHD, improve speech, improve attention, auditory feedback loop, bone conduction headset, sensory integration, and so much more. How did I use Forbrain? I was the first to try it before I introduced it to my daughter-wow you can hear yourself clearly and even feel… Read more >

  • Charlie's dad

    « Charlie's progresses PART3 : After a few days of practice he was getting the punchlines right but what was lovely to hear was how he infused his personality into the articulation, getting the inflection and rhythm just right. »

    Do you remember Charlie? We have been following this little cute boy for a while now and his progresses (see part 1 and part 2) are just marvellous! Here is part 3 of his adventure with Forbrain: Charlie has come to the end of his Pre-School education- the period of transition to Big School is more of a worry for Lou and me but he is super excited. To finish Little Imps, all the children had a little… Read more >

  • Dawn
    (For hearing loss and speech issues)

    « We would highly recommend this device to those with hearing, speech, reading, or attention deficit issues. I could also see remarkable applications for vocal performers. »

    From the moment I knew that our family would be reviewing the Forbrain headset fromForbrain – Sound for Life Ltd, the wheels in my brain began to really turn as to how we would push it to the limits. The company’s website touted that it had applications for short term memory improvements, increases in attention span, clarification of vocal patterns and speech clarity, and targeted response in the area… Read more >

  • Edyn

    « With forbrain on, she wasn't distracted one bit while she was reading. This is huge for her! »

    When Edyn was about 11 years old she was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. Until she started showing signs of this, I was one of those people that really didn't think that A.D.D was a real thing. Edyn's A.D.D. has had an impact on her learning throughout her school years and affects things like her memory and retention of what she's learned. I have to say that when I was chosen… Read more >

  • Garrett

    « The confidence with his reading that he has achieved in the past 6 weeks is amazing and he's like a completely new kid! »

    For the first 7 years of Garrett's life, he was completely Nonverbal and it has only been through homeschooling and repetition that he's finally able to hold a conversation with us. However, at 9 years old his verbal skills are on par with a 3 year old (after all, he's only been speaking for 2 years). So when I was given the opportunity to review theBone Conduction Headset from Forbrain… Read more >

  • Erika's daughter
    (Speech production issues)

    « For a while, every time I tried to help her, she would get upset and become silent. Now, her attitude has improved and she's willing to try. »

    One of the best things about having a baby is watching him learn new things--first smiles, first steps, first words. The language milestones carry on for a few years. With an 18-month-old in our house, someone often says, "Hey, did you hear that? He said a new word!" I love hearing how a little one mispronounces things. Love becomes wuv, duck changes to guck, and three sounds like free. And… Read more >

  • Nathaniel
    (Uses Forbrain to improve his working memory)

    « With Forbrain Nathaniel had memorized 70% of the first six verses in chapter one within 5 days! »

    Memory work. The sound of it makes my skin crawl. Echos of struggling to implant into my brain all these facts and missing the mark at school. Well, no more struggle to learn. I recently learned aboutForbrain a new technology which uses the sound of your own voice to stimulate your brain. Forbrain is available from Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd. Forbrain uses technology to enhance your language and… Read more >

  • Forest Rose
    (Mum of a girl with speech issues)

    « I noticed even when she was speaking without Forbrain on she was always aware of how she pronounced words. »

    When I received Forbrain – Sound for Life LTD’s bone conduction headset in the mail I felt, for the first time in a long time, hope. I just knew this was going to be the answer that I had prayed for. I couldn’t wait to get started. This headset is used for many many things which we will talk about a bit later in the post, but our primary reason was for speech. Improving my child’s speech issues was… Read more >

  • Boo
    (Sensory integration difficulties)

    « During the time Boo was wearing the headset, she almost always spoke at a normal volume! It’s awesome. »

    You guys, I’m so excited to share my review of the bone conduction headset from Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd! with you. I’ve shared before about my oldest daughter’s sensory struggles, but I’ve not really mentioned the sensory integration difficulties my second oldest, Boo, has been contending with. All the ways it affects her daily life (and my sanity/coffee addiction – well maybe just the sanity… Read more >

  • Lisa
    (Mum of a boy who has reading difficulties)

    « His phonetic awareness has improved immensely, as he's FINALLY able to hear the sounds he's saying to better recognize the differences. »

    As many of you know, we have been working with Baby Britches on some speech issues over the last few years. He has come a long way, yet we still some phonetic pronunciation issues that continue to pop up regularly. The greatest challenge is that I can't get him to HEAR how he is saying the sounds--to show how it's different than the way I am saying them, which leads to a significant amount… Read more >

  • Charlie's Dad

    « Charlie's progresses PART2 : Overall the ForBrain benefit is obvious and it became vital for its effectiveness »

    It has been a while since I blogged about Charlie’s use of his Forbrain. The Forbrain is a piece of Speech and Language kit- it aids Charlie’s listening and speech production by amplifying his voice. [Forbrain] Such a simple premise– hearing your own voice. Why is that helpful? The body uses feedback on itself to provide information about its performance in a constant, dynamic way. When a change is… Read more >

  • Amanda Reed
    (M.S., CCC-SLP)

    « I have used Forbrain with kids as part of a therapy in a school setting. Forbrain has been amazing! »

    As a speech language pathologist, I have used Forbrain as part of therapy for my kids, in a school setting, who have severe articulation skills. Forbrain has been amazing! Seeing their eyes light up the first time they truly hear their voice is amazing! My kids ask for the device before our session even begins! While I have only used Forbrain for less than 2 weeks, I can already see the improvement… Read more >

  • Jay McGregor
    (Vocational Evaluator)

    « I wore Forbrain for a couple of hours each day and I was more alert and effective. This thing really works. »

    I read some of the information that is provided on the website and have to admit that I was somewhat skeptical. My initial impression upon trying them was that they couldn’t possible have the profound impact that was claimed. So I went into this less than completely open-minded. I wore the Forbrain, for the first time, after having eaten lunch. This is normally a very low-energy time for me. I struggle… Read more >

  • Kristin Mosman
    (Hospital-based SLP)

    « I think the device has some great potential. I will continue to use it with dysarthria and voice patients who need more help with listening, perceptual skills, changing subtle thinks in their speech, resonance, voice, etc »

    I got the opportunity to try a product from Europe called Forbrain. First of all the company has been so great to work with and so dedicated to their product. They were also patient with me as I took an ETERNITY to write this review! The Fobrain offers auditory feedback via bone conduction! They call it an "enhanced audio vocal loop." It's supposed to increase your sound encoding skills… Read more >

  • Hannah
    (Donna E. Rutherford, Reading Therapist, Educational Specialist)

    « The moment my student place the Forbrain on her head, she began singing and playing with her voice, something I have never seen her do before »

    Many of the students that I work with here at the Brain Zone Reading and Tutoring Center have benefited greatly from Forbrain. Our center has been dedicated to helping a variety of students, including those with learning disabilities, for 15 years. During my time as a remedial education instructor, I used devices capable of facilitating students’ awareness of their own voices without inhibiting their… Read more >

  • Brian E.
    (Donna E. Rutherford, Reading Therapist, Educational Specialist,)

    « One student, an active 6-year old boy struggling with auditory memory and discrimination, and some attentional issues that led to difficulties in reading and general focus, showed improvement in the very first few minutes of putting the device on. »

    In the several years that I have worked as a remedial educational specialist at the Brain Zone Reading & Tutoring Center, many children and their parents have entered our doors seeking help for various learning disabilities, including dyslexia, auditory processing disorders, and attention deficit disorders, that have made learning difficult. Our director, Donna Rutherford, is constantly researching… Read more >

  • Erwald Schoeman
    (Diagnosed with Down syndrome)

    « My experience is that he is more focused and is able to absorb much more of his work sessions than before we had the Forbrain. »

    I am Nan Schoeman, Erwald’s mother. I’ve first heard about the Forbrain from a friend, Marise Botes. Her little girl is 5 years old and has Down syndrome. She told me about the amazing positive experience Danica had with only a single therapy session with the Forbrain. My little boy Erwald, also a diagnosed with Down syndrome, turned 3 in February. We’ve started with early intervention therapy sessions… Read more >

  • Charlie's Dad

    « Charlie’s initial progress with the device has been noticable- when he wears Forbrain he spends a good few minutes ‘vocalising’, making random noise, whispering and shouting. »

    Many children, or adults for that matter, with CP have issues with speech. Whether it be poor muscle control of the mouth, tongue and voice box or issues with rhythm or speed it can often make it hard to fathom, often causing frustration. All children develop speech at a very individual rate and are not easily comparable at the best of times. Charlie is quite lucky- for the most part - his speech is… Read more >

  • Miriam Manela
    (OT and Author of The Parent-Child Dance)

    « With the use of the Forbrain headphones, the boy I work with can easily switch back and forth between topics and can focus on what his peers and teachers are telling him. »

    Here is some positive feedback I've received in 2 weeks alone: It has helped a 4-year-old boy who has a challenge getting out of his head. Therefore in school, he cannot refocus on what the teacher or his peers are talking to him about because he's busy creating a story in his head. With the use of the Forbrain headphones, this boy can easily switch back and forth between topics and can focus… Read more >

  • Piper
    (Speech difficulties following a brain surgery)

    « Forbrain has been an incredible tool in helping my daughter, Piper to regain consistent tone and strength in her voice! »

    The Forbrain has been an incredible tool in helping my daughter, Piper to regain consistent tone and strength in her voice! Following a surgery to remove a tumor from the brain stem, her voice was very weak and constantly shifting from high to low as she spoke. Through regular 20-30 minute sessions of reading aloud or chatting with friends and family, while wearing Forbrain, she finally has her old… Read more >

  • Danika
    (Born with Down Syndrome)

    « The dramatic improvement in pronunciation was amazing! I couldn't believe it. »

    Our daughter Danika is a 5 years old born with down syndrome. She was at occupational therapy when her therapist tried the Forbrain out on her. First, she did an exercise without the Forbrain and then with it on. The dramatic improvement in pronunciation was amazing! I couldn't believe it. I could see the shock in Danika's face as well, for the first time she could hear herself pronouncing… Read more >

  • Dawn Villarreal
    (Mother of 16-year old boy with speech issues)

    « I’m pleased with the Forbrain headset and will continue to have my son use it. I only wish this device existed during my son’s early intervention days. »

    I recall the days when my son received early intervention services at our area pediatric therapy center. One evening a week, while I waited for my son, a teenage boy (practically a man) would come in to receive speech services. My God, I thought. I’m so glad I’m on top of the communication issue so early. With some luck and hard work, my son should be done with speech by third grade. My son is 16 years… Read more >

  • Douglas HADDAD
    (Award-winning Educator, Best-Selling Author, & Wellness Expert)

    « I can envision Forbrain playing a significant therapeutic role in the future for helping children with special needs and assisting in the rehabilitation process for individuals who suffer brain-related traumas. »

    I had the opportunity to review a new product called Forbrain. This device consists of a headset with microphone and dynamic filter and is designed to improve auditory processing, memory and attention. In fact, anyone is offered to test this new technology thanks to the company policy of 100% Satisfaction or 30-Days Money Back Guarantee. Scientifically speaking, the brain's ability to process auditory… Read more >

  • Dr. Chris ILIADES
    (E.N.T., Author)

    « Forbrain is remarkably simple, easy, and painless to use. I suggest you give it a try. Your brain will thank you. »

    Wake Up Your Brain With Forbrain Forbrain is a remarkable device based on the simple premise that if sound reaches your brain in a different way it gets your brain’s attention. Think about sitting at home reading a book. All the usual sounds of you home surround you. Suddenly you hear a different sound. You sit up and take notice. In the most simplistic terms, that is what for forbrain does for your… Read more >

  • Jeff EMERSON
    (Diagnosed with Adult ADHD, Blogger)

    « Forbrain definitely helps people remember, stay in tune and get a better sense of self-confidence through regular use! »

    Forbrain is a headphone with microphone. It is equipped with dynamic filter and bone conduction. It is designed to improve auditory processing, memory and attention. Q : What was your first impression when opening the box? I was immediately impressed by the secure packaging, the color of the logo, and the quality of it all! That was what hit me immediately. "These people mean business!" Q… Read more >

  • Laura A. Cole
    (Speech-Language Pathologist, M.S., CCC-SLP)

    « Forbrain has had a significant increase in my patients’ self-discrimination of speech errors. »

    My name is Laura Cole and I have been a speech-language pathologist for 20 years, 16 of the years I have worked in a private pediatric outpatient clinic that offers speech, occupational, and physical therapy services. I was first introduced to Forbrain about a month ago by a 16 year old patient of mine, whose mother obtained it for him to work on articulation awareness, tone, and decreasing vocal intensity… Read more >

  • Dr. Lara Honos-Webb
    (Worldwide ADD expert)

    « Forbrain can increase persistence in reading tasks and also make activities inherently more interesting »

    I was surprised at how easy the Forbrain headset was to use and how fun it was to play with. The Forbrain device can increase persistence in reading tasks and also make activities inherently more interesting because of the novelty of the headphones. Additionally, the headphones can increase your felt sense of authority as you may associate the sound effect with a speaker on a stage and internalize… Read more >

  • Robin Harwell
    (M.A., CCC-SLP)

    « Forbrain is a tool that,wires or re-wires the brain for more efficient verbal production through improved processing of sound. »

    I have been a Speech-Language Pathologist for over 35 years and use a wide range of tools with my patients to improve their particular outcomes. I was recently introduced to Forbrain, and have been using it with my patients ever since. We have all been delighted with the results. I am using it with patients from 7 years old to 70+ years of age and am seeing improved articulation and verbal production… Read more >

  • Gidion - PART1
    (Hearing impairment)

    « Now, for the first time ever, he completed instructions without needing to look at the therapist. »

    My son, Gidion, has been diagnosed with a rare disorder, Fanconi Anaemia (FA) at birth. FA is an inherited disease that can lead to bone marrow failure and cancer. Although it is considered primarily a blood disease, FA may affect all systems of the body. It is a complex and chronic disorder that is physically and psychologically demanding - for both Gidion and us as parents. Gidion has had so many… Read more >

  • David
    (Diagnosed with language delay and behavioral issues)

    « Thanks to Forbrain, David is more calm and has made great improvements in speech and reading »

    My son, David, is 3 years and 5 months old, and has a particular health condition. After six months since my son was diagnosed, he has some behavioral issues: very poor eye to eye contact, lack of socialization, a notable delay in his verbal skills and an attention deficit is also present. The last psychiatric evaluation conclusion was: pervasive developmental and epilepsy, which caused him an expressive… Read more >

  • Kara Tavolacci
    (Occupational Therapist, SIPT certified)

    « Forbrain makes a huge difference in terms of eye contact and communication skills »

    I can tell you that Forbrain makes a huge difference. I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients who have participated in both sensory integration programs and traditional occupational therapy. This new tool, Forbrain has enabled me to enhance my traditional occupational therapy sessions to have improved success. With the use of Forbrain in my therapy sessions, I have observed improved… Read more >

  • Misty Standard
    (MS CCC-SLP, C/NDT Co-Owner, Speech-Language Pathologist)

    « We have great results for a variety of diagnoses »

    We love using the Forbrain! SLPs at my clinic are utilizing the Forbrain for a variety of diagnoses with great results, including remarkable improvements seen with clients having stuttering/fluency disorder. We have also seen very good results in our children who are working on articulation, intonation and voicing. Misty is a speech-language pathologist with over 16 years of experience in both pediatrics… Read more >