Forbrain® is used as a daily tool for reading, speaking, attending in class or for general use. For 15 minutes of speaking aloud through the Forbrain® microphone and stimulating your own ears with your own voice, you strengthen your auditory reception and processing.

Communication is clearer as you participate easily in conversations and comprehend the sounds you hear. Place the headphones around the back part of your head with the ear pieces sitting on the two bones beside your outer ears. Adjust the microphone to your mouth so you are able to hear your voice easily. Then adjust the sound level.

Immediately you will hear your own voice changed and clarified by the effect of the audio-vocal loop. Your voice is corrected by the interpretation of what your brain hears and you feel energized and motivated by this natural effect.

Progressively, you will feel the natural change of your voice as well as your ability to speak and focus better. Forbrain® progressively teaches your voice to efficiently stimulate your brain.
You leverage your voice to improve your brain !

correct body position
  • Early age

    10 minutes10' day

    • for pronunciation and speech difficulties
  • Kids 5-15 years

    15 minutes15' day

    • Focus and attention difficulties
    • Reading difficulties
    • Working memory difficulties
    • Pronunciation and speech difficulties
  • Teenager & adult

    20 minutes20' day

    • Speech and oral difficulties
    • Lack of confidence
    • Lack of energy
    • Poor timber and vocal quality
    • Rhythm difficulties, singing out of tone
  • Senior

    30 minutes30' day

    • Lack of energy
    • Lack of memory
    • Speech and Fluency difficulties
  • Intensive

    3 x 20 minutes15 years old at least

    3 x 20' day

    • To prepare oral presentation
    • To memorize a text or a speech Text
    • To work on homework and exams
    • To improve dynamism and self-confidence
  • Specific

    specific useSpecific program with professional support

    You can use Forbrain® as a complementary tool of a therapeutic, teaching or a coaching support. Do not hesitate to consult a professional and talk about it with him/her.