Sound for Life was a sponsor at the Hong Kong Speech & Hearing Symposium on November 1st and 2d!

03 Dec 2018

Approximately 220 people gathered to attend the seminar, and to listen to Professor Tricia McCabe’s speech on Childhood Apraxia of Speech from Diagnosis to Discharge.
It was a great opportunity to meet dozens of professionals, mostly speech language therapists, and gather their impressions on Forbrain.
Speech Language therapists are already very familiar with the importance of the auditory feedback loop, and were enthusiastic to discover our tool.
Delayed auditory feedback tools are already very much used, but altered auditory feedback presents an interesting alternative that may also be very helpful with many speech difficulties.


Forbrain improves auditory and sensory processing. By sharpening the voice perception, Forbrain enhances all aspects of the audio-vocal loop, and offers an excellent sensory workout.
There have already been several scientific studies conducted on Forbrain and its impact on speech, the most recent one was published in the ASHA journal. We’re always interested in discussing with professionals who can share their feedback, and discuss to find together the best applications for Forbrain.

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