Rebecca tested Forbrain with her son - Discover her review

20 Dec 2016

"We noticed a huge improvement in both his speech and focus!"

Rebecca is the mum of a 7-year old boy who is at least a year behind in school and struggles with his confidence. He is very easily distracted and has a very short attention span, which makes homeschooling exceedingly difficult.

Rebecca used Forbrain with him for 15 minutes each day. Some days he put it on while he did his math, other days he wore it while he read her his story, sometimes he wore it while he was telling her something or even singing a song. Over time he grew more confident with it and loved putting it on. See how happy and confident he is in the video Rebecca made while he is counting to 100! 

Rebecca also found that it immediately helped if he was using it during a school assignment as he could hear his own voice so well that he automatically started focusing. In the long term, Rebecca noticed a huge improvement in both his speech and focus.

Discover her full review here

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