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06 May 2014
Auditory Processing

Although it is convenient to think that different parts of the brain are responsible for specific tasks, the fact is that the brain is a highly integrated system with constant interactions between many areas and functions. The brain is like an orchestra, which has component sections that have to work in harmony for effective performance.

Open Your Ears To Enhance Your Brain

Sensory input is essential for good brain function. The effective processing of sensations is key to normal and even superior brain performance. Think about poor reception of a radio signal. If the input is poor, the sound will be fuzzy or might not exist at all. You have to strain to make sense of it, directing energy and resources to try to understand the signal. Imagine how the brain has to adapt to poor, or less than ideal, sensory input. It has to use energy and resources that are needed for other functions, like concentration, attention and memory.

The auditory processing system is critical to brain function. As an example of how inter-related different areas of the brain are, the auditory system is also connected to our sense of balance and spatial awareness and orientation. So, improving your auditory system isn't just about improving your hearing, it's about enhancing many areas of the brain and overall performance.

Open Your Ears To Improve Your Memory

The auditory system has connections to those areas of the brain responsible for verbal and short-term memory. When you use Forbrain® regularly, speaking or reading aloud, your own voice activates these auditory pathways in the brain enabling easier access to memory. Daily use of Forbrain®, therfore, supports improved memory.

Open Your Ears To Improve Your Attention

Difficulties with attention are sometimes associated with poor sound reception. Through heightened bone conduction, Forbrain® focuses attention allowing better follow-through and completion, whether that's a thought, a sentence or a project. Exercising your own voice through Forbrain® can enable better attention at school, at work, or in anything you do.

Open Your Ears To Clear Your Mind

The extra workload created by an inefficient auditory system doesn't just overtax the brain, it clutters the mind. Overstimulation of the nervous system leads to lack of confidence, lower self-esteem, less energy and poor motivation. Forbrain® works directly on your nervous system by reducing the sound clutter in your brain. This balances the nervous system and improves confidence, motivating you to succeed and take action.

Open Your Ears To Improve Your Hearing

Of course, improving auditory processing will enhance hearing, a valuable tool for those who have hearing and speech processing difficulties. And because hearing and speech are inter-related, improvements in auditory processing can substantially improve a variety of language problems. (Link to speech and language production page)

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