Missica Has Two Children With Autism And This Is How Forbrain® Is Making a Difference In Their Lives!

19 Jun 2018

"Sound for Life Ltd, has a really great and unique product called Forbrain. Last year, I offered a review of how Forbrain has helped my son, Mr. B. and this year, I want to talk about how Forbrain has continued to help Mr. B. but also how it has helped my daughter Princess J. who is now old enough to use it!"

Missica says that the long-term use of Forbrain has proven to be quite beneficial for her Autistic son Mr. B., she has noticed a huge improvement in overall speech and enunciation. His reading skills have improved, his overall focus is better, and she has even noticed less sensory seeking behavior.

Her daughter, Princess J., also Autistic, has become more vocal and more outgoing, she is less reserved and held back. Missica expects to see the same benefits as she saw for her son and an increase in a purposeful speech from her daughter with long-term use of Forbrain.

“Overall, Forbrain has been great for both my children on the Autism Spectrum. I think it would be a great tool for apraxia drills and even social communication therapy. It even has applications for learning disabilities, specifically reading difficulties".

Missica’s son has been a Forbrain user for around 18 months. She has noticed a HUGE improvement in his overall enunciation, memory, and focus. Mr. B self-corrects more now as compared to before using Forbrain, and the benefits the family saw early on have only been amplified.

Words he had a hard time saying before, like Finger or Escalator, are now easily said because he would repeat them while wearing Forbrain to hear what his mistakes were.

At this stage in her son’s progress, Missica wants him to improve his overall reading. He often wants to rush through reading so he adds words, changes words, or skips over them. He may say “ask” instead of “as”, or “out” instead of “on”. Something small, but something that can really change the whole meaning of what he's reading. Missica makes him read out loud while wearing Forbrain, and she has noticed a lot fewer mistakes in reading as a result.

Missica’s daughter, Princess J. is largely non-verbal, while wearing Forbrain, she repeats words and hears herself. This has caused a large increase in her verbal sounds. She wants to hear herself more and more, so she is repeating more and more and is now starting to do it on command!

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