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21 Dec 2017

Forbrain is easy to use, but the hardest thing is to wait for results. While there may be some people who show significant improvements and changes immediately, most of us will need to be committed to be consistent and make comparisons over a longer period of time.

Linda's son reading with Forbrain

After using this for several weeks, I have seen: Improvement in my son and daughter’s fluency when reading outloud. I do not know exactly what clicked, but I believe the headset helped them hear their own voice as they read Bible verses out loud. Their brains seem to find a nice easy rhythm that was pleasing to their own ear, which makes it more pleasant to everyone listening to them read out loud. Improvement in my children’s musical tone when singing. Have you ever seen a performer hold their hand over one ear as the sing? I think it is not just to isolate their own voice or to block out someone else’s, but to direct the sound directly to the brain. With my children in a musical theatre production later this school year, I am happy to see the Forbrain headset is the perfect tool to help them hear their own voices.

They may never get to Carnegie Hall but with practice, practice, practice, their singing abilities are improving! Improvement in lazy, mumbled speech. Oh, my, this mama is happy about this one! Our family tends to be on the quiet side, a little timid when talking with others. Wearing the headset during regular conversation at home has helped my children hear how their words are often muffled and lost as they speak. This made more impact than Mom saying “Speak Up!” By hearing their own voice, they gained confidence in speaking words outloud. They are more comfortable now letting others hear their speaking voices. Improvement in memory work. We are still putting this one to the test, but my daughter seems to have responded well hearing her own voice speak memory verses and spelling words out loud using the headset. I’m looking forward to having one of the boys use it while practicing Latin memory work this winter.


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