Forbrain® Is Now Available at four b8ta Stores across the U.S.!

10 Sep 2018

Based on Neuroscience technology, Forbrain helps improve speech, cognitive abilities and learning skills - You can now experience the headset directly at b8ta stores!

September 1st, 2018

SOUND FOR LIFE Ltd, a Hong-Kong based company specialized in the creation of equipment that helps people develop and/or maintain their cognitive abilities and learning skills, is proud to announce the launch of Forbrain® at four b8ta stores across the U.S, in Santa Monica and Palo Alto - California, Tysons – Virginia and Houston – Texas.

Shoppers can now discover, learn and try FORBRAIN® directly in store. Forbrain is a high-tech headset that uses bone conduction and a patented dynamic filter to give the brain a full sensory workout. Created to help people of all ages better understand and process sensory information, its users can improve the functioning of their brain by using it regularly and through a variety of exercises. It helps with attention, memory, speech, comprehension, reading, and language.

b8ta is a new store designed for discovering, trying and buying the latest innovative products. All products are featured out of the box, so they can be demoed first hand, and b8ta’s staff (known as b8ta testers) are trained and knowledgeable.

 “Partnering with b8ta makes sense because it gives shoppers an opportunity to try out Forbrain® and leave the store with the product if they like it. It helps us build brand awareness as we continue to develop, give access and distribute the most advanced sensory technologies available in the market” says Thierry Gaujarengues, CEO of Sound For Life, LTD.

For more information about Forbrain you can visit the website at

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