Enthusiasm for Forbrain Drives Benefits

01 Aug 2016

Recently we invited 100 homeschooling families to use Forbrain.  84 families formally reviewed their experiences and gave some wonderful insight on the many ways that Forbrain can help children and adults improve different aspects of communication and cognition. The reviews and the experiences contained within them, provide a great snapshot of the use and efficacy of Forbrain.

Here are some of the key findings:

For the record, 137 people's experiences were documented in reviews. The main categories that were the initial target of Forbrain use were speech (51), reading (34), focus (29), memory (10) and singing (10).

One of the concerns parents often have before using Forbrain is that maybe their children won't like using it. And you can't get benefit from Forbrain if you don't use it on a regular basis. Nothing could be further from the truth.  The vast majority of users in this group, especially children, were very enthusiastic about using the device. Although there were one or two children who were apprehensive about the device, the vast percentage really enjoyed the experience. Here are just a few examples of what moms said about their children's enthusiasm for Forbrain.

Jennifer used the device on her daughter who volunteered: "Mom, it is like I am able to shut out everything except for my own voice."

Deann volunteered that her preschool daughter said: "It is easier to do reading with Forbrain on because I can hear the sounds better.  It helps me talk louder."  Also, her second-grade daughter volunteered: "If I am doing spelling it makes me hear myself better and it makes me concentrate better.  I can hear myself better when I'm reading, I hear what I'm saying and if I'm saying the correct sounds."



Leah said this about her five-year-old's use of Forbrain: "My daughter loved using the headset! She wasn’t bothered by it or distracted by it. It was light and comfortable for her to wear. In fact, my daughter enjoyed her speech therapy sessions more than usual. She loved hearing her voice and didn’t want to take the headset off."

Jennifer said this about her son: "He had a blast using it too – reading time became so much more enjoyable for him."

Barbette was another whose daughter could relate benefits of using Forbrain. Her daughter said, "I felt like I was really able to focus on my story without getting distracted."

Laura from Hawaii reported a similar comment from her daughter: "I like using it to read because I can really hear what the story is about and it makes me feel better about reading out loud."

Kim's 8-year-old was another fan: "She has just been loving wearing the headset and would wear it all day if she could!" 

Amy's daughter has sensory processing issues, and she struggles with high sensitivity to sound. She used the Forbrain daily for 10 minutes per day. Amy said "She would have worn it all day if I allowed her to because she loves the clarity it gives her."

Tawnee's son said “It is fun to use. It’s like I’m in space.”


Debbie also saw a huge difference in her son who had auditory issues: "He enjoyed wearing it and found that he could concentrate better.  In his own words, he stated to me that he felt he could also speak more clearly and he enjoyed the sound - which is amazing to me for a kid that used to hide under the playground slide and scream in terror at the auditory input."

Amanda had all her kids try out Forbrain. And all were enthusiastic users: "The kids loved using the Forbrain. They loved hearing themselves and this is something we were thankful to receive."

Lynn was another mother who said that all of her children enjoyed using the device: "Without fail, each child exclaimed how "cool" it was to hear their own voice and how much easier reading was with the Forbrain headset."

The fun and enthusiasm that these children had for Forbrain were a big part of the improvements that many of them made. In the next blog, we will focus on those improvements in speech, reading, memory and attention.

You can find the complete 84 reviews directly on "Schoolhouse Review Crew" website here

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