Douglas Haddad recommends Forbrain for both children and adults with learning difficulties

13 Mar 2017

Recently I had the opportunity to review a new product called Forbrain. This device consists of a headset with a microphone, pair of bone conduction membranes, and a dynamic filter which is designed to improve auditory processing, memory and attention through an audio-vocal loop system.

The auditory system is implicated into much of our daily lives, not only for hearing, but also for processing sensory information. The brain's ability to process auditory information is critical for many functions, including communication, learning, and attention. Most auditory information that we process comes from our own voice. A technology which claims to improve communication skills via the user’s voice made me very curious.

After having spoken with the company’s neuropsychologist about how this product works and having tested it out myself and on my colleagues at work, I can state with confidence that Forbrain is a scientifically well-designed piece of equipment that can be beneficial for both children and adults with learning disabilities. Its multimodal features for enhancing the way you utilize expressive language are great! Forbrain augmented and enhanced my own speech and heightened my awareness for enunciating and pronouncing words. As a public speaker, hearing your own voice through this audio-vocal loop is really helpful in modulating pitch, volume, and clarity control. I also like the fact that the equipment is lightweight, very comfortable, and has good sound quality.


I shared this product with some of my colleagues and many of them also enjoyed the lightweight comfort of the headset. After getting used to the initial impression of hearing their own voices, my colleagues were pleasantly surprised by how their own voices made them more aware of not only what they were saying, but how they were saying it. I would to use this product for 30 minutes a day to experience the benefits. I can envision Forbrain playing a significant therapeutic role in the future for helping children with special needs and assisting in the rehabilitation process for individuals who suffer brain-related traumas.


A recommendation for this product would be to include an instructor's manual with specific training programs in the box. This would help people track their progress and give them a clear outline of how they can improve their tone of voice, clarity, volume, enunciation, and pronunciation of their speech. Furthermore, it would help Forbrain document different demographics and how the product is working in those sectors (e.g. children with learning disabilities, elderly, musicians, teachers, etc.).

Forbrain is also an excellent complementary tool to any therapeutic programs. I appreciate the fact that the website is not claiming that Forbrain cures learning disabilities, Auditory processing disorders or Attention deficit disorder. Rather it is seen as a valuable complement to more traditional treatments. For those professionals who are looking for an easy tool to implement into their practice, I recommend you read this detailed scientific evaluation.

Forbrain has been awarded a prestigious Bett Award in the “ICT Special Education Needs Solutions” category. The BETT Show is the world’s largest technology in education show and the BETT Awards are considered the highest recognition in the industry.



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Douglas Haddad is an award-winning educator, best-selling author, and wellness expert in Connecticut. For more information on empowering your kids and assisting in their maturation, decision-making, overall development and well-being, visit his official website:

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