ADDitude Magazine recommends Forbrain®

10 Feb 2015
ADDitude Magazine is a specialized consumer publication about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD and ADHD) read and followed by thousands of readers around the World. It has provided clear, accurate, user-friendly information and advice from the leading experts and practitioners in mental health and learning for almost 10 years.

We are very proud to be referenced and recommended by ADDitude Magazine as a simple, yet effective new way to improve speech, attention, memory and focus.
« The simplicity of Forbrain’s program gives it an advantage over other products that claim to have the same benefits. Instead of relying on a series of incrementally more difficult exercises that the user must master, Forbrain is straightforward.»

Sometimes, even if you listen carefully to what someone is saying you may not totally understand the speech as your attention level is too low. What if a unique headset could help you boost your attention and listening skills simply by using your ears and voice ?
«By making the user more aware of — and more in-tune with — their own voice, Forbrain increases your attentiveness to what you’re saying. Then, as your ears become more skilled at picking up external sounds, Forbrain trains your brain to focus more efficiently on what others are saying — boosting attention and listening skills. »

Want to know more about Forbrain® ? Read the full article from ADDitude Magazine here.
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