A scientific case study shows powerful effects of Forbrain!

07 Jul 2015

A proof-of-concept study conducted by Professor Carles Escera at the University of Barcelona has shown remarkable behavioral, psychophysical and neuronal effects as the result of limited Forbrain use. The study looked at the use of Forbrain for fifteen minutes a day over a five day period and found some surprisingly strong findings using sophisticated technology that involved complex voice, electrocardiogram, skin conductance  and EEG measures.

The study showed that Forbrain did indeed tune the cerebral network for attentional control. The subject showed increased resistance to distracters and better focusnot just during Forbrain use but throughout the post-use measurement period that lasted 80 minutes. This powerful effect was described as "exciting and very promising". Dr. Escera points out that "it is very rare, and a surprise, to find such significant impact on attention immediately after a single use of a device".

The research showed improvement in speech quality not just for the fifteen minutes of use but for the post-use recording period, too. Similarly, emotional arousal as measured by heart rate and skin conductance also increased while using Forbrain and for the post-use recording period.


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