Use your voice to boost your brain.

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As a fun experiment, try this. Take your fingers and plug your ears.

Now say something. Your own voice resounds loudly in your head, right? You hear this sound through vibrations in your facial bones, not through your ear passages as you imagine. This is a clear example of sensory integration, or how your brain translates sensory information into a response you understand. Your body interprets sound two ways: through your bones or bone conduction and through your ears or air conduction.



Forbrain, groundbreaking headphones to retrain the way you process information

This unique device enhances specific patterns of the user's voice, delivering the user's voice directly via bone structure leaving your ears free to perceive external sounds.



Capitalizing on bone conduction, Forbrain headphones employ a cutting edge, proprietary technology.

Unlike other headphones, Forbrain uses a patented electronic device that amplifies and patterns the user's voice.

  • Dynamic filter
  • Bone conduction transducer
  • High quality microphone


By improving the perception of the voice, Forbrain works simultaneously on all aspects of the audio-vocal loop.

Forbrain gives the nervous system a solid sensory workout.



Forbrain sharpens the user's entire auditory system.

It improves speech, fluency, attention, memory, focus, coordination, and many other sensory functions. And the result? You have more self-confidence and energy, homework becomes easier, and life is more fun.



For everyone, use it few minutes per day.

For all ages, from early language development (the first sounds) to 99-year-olds, on your own or with parents, therapists, educators, or coaches, you only need to speak or read aloud few minutes per day to stimulate the brain and re-experience this training. Forbrain will progressively and continuously retrain and stimulate your brain.

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Powerful, affordable and easy to use

Forbrain is an essential first step on the road to seamless communication, better attention and focus, heightened self-esteem, and personal growth and development.

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